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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on True Stories (1993)

You could never love me
You could never even love yourself
Why did you just say that you do
I am not some plastic doll
Like all the other ones you hang around
I only play the clown

Why did you say you love me
You know you don’t really care for me
And I’d rather have no one
Than your shallow sympathy
If I cannot have you as a lover
I will take you as a friend
When you say you don’t care
Then I pretend
All it is is pretend

When you said you loved me
I asked what you’d do
If I never talked to you again
You said “it would be weird”
That’s all you said
I wish I could slam down my phone
And have the courage to tell you
Leave me alone
We don’t hang up till midnight
And I hate myself for letting you take me on a ride
I said I didn’t love you
But you know that I lied
How can you fool around with someone who cares about you?
Was I foolish enough to think your words were true?
The I love you I said
Was better left unsaid.