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-appeared in OMG! Magazine Volume 2 Issue 17
-September 1st 2010

American Idol has overcome its share of obstacles over the past couple years. Paula Abdul parted ways with the show. The departure of Simon Cowell was another nail in the coffin. Ellen DeGeneres’ stint as a judge was unobtrusive but bland. The ratings spoke for themselves.

Thankfully there’s good news on the Idol horizon. Just as the show seemed destined for mediocrity rumors have begun to swirl that next season’s judge will be the one and only Jennifer “The Total Package” Lopez.

J-Lo really is “The Total Package”. She can do it all. Sing. Dance. Act. Look hot. My friend’s uncle coined the nickname and it’s always stuck. Fingers crossed that Miss Lopez will be able to add “American Idol” judge to her illustrious resume.

Jennifer Lopez is already known as a fashion icon. Remember that time in 2000 when she flew to Key West and raped someone’s couch? The resulting dress was the talk of the 2000 Grammy Awards ceremony. Lopez gained the nation’s respect that night for barely showing any cleavage. Certainly Miss J-Lo’s modest sense of fashion will be valuable when giving advice to America’s up and coming talent.

Jennifer Lopez is as proficient on the silver screen as she is on the red carpet. Rumors swirled around Hollywood in 2003 when Jennifer Lopez beat out Meryl Streep for the female lead in the blockbuster smash Gigli. American Idol contestants will certainly be counting their blessings for the opportunity to get advice from a seasoned and disciplined thespian.

Most importantly Jennifer Lopez has maintained the respect of the music industry for nearly ten years. Last year’s single “Louboutins” proved to be one of the most well-timed releases of 2009. In the midst of the nation’s most severe financial crisis in decades Lopez released a single boasting her five hundred dollar shoes. Perhaps fans didn’t buy the single because Lopez inspired them to save up for a pair of their own?

Lopez is currently gearing up for the release of her seventh full-length album entitled Love? In a recent interview J-Lo was quoted as saying “Love is the most confusing thing in the world, that’s why the album is called Love with a question mark.” In this age when everything is ironic perhaps an even more apropos and edgy title could be Talent?

Style icon. Artist. Singer. Actress. American Idol Judge. Is there anything Jennifer “The Total Package” Lopez can’t do? Before you know it she may even learn how to be interesting.