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(released October 1997)

In 1997 I put out a compilation album featuring 30 different bands. In the liner notes each band described their memories of what the sky looked like when they wrote and/or recorded their song.

Side One: Thunder Storms
Sides of a Cube-Refuge
Jeremy Gloff- Prince Charming
this Wondersound- Safe
No- Truama Accuracy
Pissants- Sick of Shit
Pam Gontha- Oh Man!
M.F.R- World Solution
Valuptuous- Sex Lies
Yoko Flower Ono Power- Come and Play With Us
Ocelot- Noncohesive
Trendy Zen- Dear Snapple
Stomping Abrasions- Bad Side
Bass Piggy- Big Drool Bomb
Rik Napoli- Peace of Mind
Greg Greg- U.B.B.U (Pumpkin Pie Filling Mix)
Apoctalyptic Suicides- I Shot the President

Side Two- Starry Nights
M.L. Stinson- Drusilla
Global Village Idiots- Umbilical Ethraphone
Ohm Clock- Coyote Brings Change
Cult of Bastet- Song For She
Anne Fearman- Priest
Another Dead Sharon- Code XI
Kendall- Slipping
Share the Decay- All
*jim briggs iii- cloud covered
Syncro Nine Factor- Song For Luna
Sadie Jay- Dear Sadie
No Trips For Crowley- Popularity Poster Girl
Big Al and Freek- Last Day of Summer
Erin Kourelis- Little One

(from the liner notes)
30 different skies…30 different songs. It is raining out while I write this in Fredonia, NY and it was sunny when I first got the idea to do this in Atlanta, GA back in springtime.

Some of these songs were recorded in high-tech studios, other on a karaoke machine. Some were given to me on DAT tapes…others on tapes that probably would’ve snapped had I played them once more. But all of these songs have one thing in common…the people who made them are passionate about their music…their expression. When choosing artists, I did not consider how little static was in their music, but rather how genuine their “product” was.

It will be snowing soon. All of us will be writing new songs that you may hear somewhere else. You might be able to do it all at once…or it might take five sittings…experience the thirty skies collected…here.

Project coordinator-Jeremy Gloff
Compiled at Food Boobs Studio
Sextra Voices-Mel, Tara, Jeff Nixon, Greg Greg, Wesley, and V.V. by V.V.
Photos- Kortnee and Sara Catherine
Thanks to Mothball Eyes Records
This album is dedicated to Princess Diana…whose life still inspires me to do good in this world.
All music on this has been copyrightten by the artists…don’t fuck with their songs.