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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on True Stories (1993)

I never lied to you
Okay I just did
But you lied to me
You know that you did
All the time I was trying to get you to say something
Even if it wasn’t true

You say you never needed me
Well I needed you
But I don’t want to need you anymore
Even though I think I do
And I go on and on and on to someone else
Someone better than you

I’ll find someone who won’t treat me the same
I thought I loved you
It was only in the name
I’ll find another…who touches me like you never did
Who isn’t afraid…of me.

Back in October you had taken me over
But I’ll never need you again
And someday I will have a dream about you
And I’ll wonder how many stories of your life
You told me were true.