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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-March 1st, 2009

Tom Goss is our featured artist this week. Check out more about Tom at: and
Here’s what Tom had to say!

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and your careeer?

I grew up in Kenosha WI and spent most of my time focusing on athletics (Soccer/Wrestling/Gymnastics). I started playing music at 18 and when I received a guitar for high-school graduation. A few years later I was writing and performing. By the time I graduated college music had become a much larger part of my life but in the end I decided to pursue a more spiritual path and went into Catholic seminary to become a priest. When that didn’t go as planned I focused on developing my music in a way that was enriching and encouraged communication and integration. That leads me to where I’m at now.

2) Tell us about your latest project?

“Back To Love” is slated to be released April 7th nationwide. I’m more proud of this CD then any of the previous work that I have done. I worked to creates something that was instantly accessible, something that would touch a wide audience with songs that are fast and clean but also carry a concrete message. About half way through the album I realized that every song was dealing with love, not always romantic love but also love between two friends, objectification (perceived love) of material and love lost. Throughout I wanted to deliver a message about the scope of love as seen from the perspective of a gay man, with divorced parents.

3) Who is your favorite female vocalist of all time?

Joss Stone

4) Who is your favorite male vocalist of all time?

Damien Rice

5) What is the most emotional song you’ve ever written?

“Sometimes We Fall” – Track 5 of “Back To Love”

6) What feeling do you want your audiences to walk away with after seeing you perform?

I want people to listen to my music – and “Back To Love” – and leave with a sense of hope and love greater than before. I want to start conversations about love and loss, anger and forgiveness, hope and fear, but most importantly integration, of self and of each other.

7) What are your upcoming plans?

As previously mentioned I’ll be releasing “Back To Love” in April and then following it up with a national tour. I’m excited about reaching people with the new CD and performing in several new cities.

8) Any other favorite queer artists?

Eric Himan, Namoli Brennet, Jeremiah Clark, Andy Moore, Levi Kreis

9) Any advice for up and coming OUT artists?

Just be true to your music. Make sure that you are writing the music that speaks to you. Don’t try to become somebody you are not.

10) Favorite Madonna song?

I have no idea!

Thanks to JD Doyle for his help! Find more queer artists at and

Til next time!
Jeremy Gloff