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(released April 9th, 2016 – Rising Owl Records)

For Will (lyrics)
Exit The Circle (lyrics)
Xmas Song (lyrics)
When I Was 19 (lyrics)
Compulsions (feat. Entropy) (lyrics)
Across The Bridge (lyrics)
Forest Fires (lyrics)
Facebook Pictures (lyrics)
Flip Flops (lyrics)
Trouble Toys (lyrics)
Down And Up (lyrics)
Still Golden (lyrics)
Running Infinitely (lyrics)
Technicolor (lyrics)
Never Too Much Love (lyrics)
Can I have Now? (lyrics)
For Those Who Survived (lyrics)

All songs written, produced, arranged, performed, and recorded by Jeremy Gloff except where indicated

Front cover photo by Christopher Wharton
Cover layout by Brendan Ciccone
“Xmas Song” written by Jeremy Gloff and Ken Spivey
“Compulsions” written by Jeremy Gloff and Entropy
“Across The Bridge” written by Jeremy Gloff and Sandra Lolo
“Flip Flops” was written by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist and  Jeremy Gloff
“Still Golden” was written by Michael J. Wolf and Jeremy Gloff (coda written by Eric Olin)
“Running Infinitely” written by Jeremy Gloff and Ms X
“Never Too Much Love” and “For Those Who Survived” written by Jeremy Gloff and V

Add’l vocals on “Exit The Circle” by Harold Hasselback
Backup vocals on “Exit The Circle” and “Xmas Song” by Ms X
Rap on “Compulsions” bv Entropy
Add’l vocals on “Across The Bridge” – Erica Clipps
Background vocals on “Trouble Toys” by Harold Hasselback and Lauren Hasselback
Background vocals on “Down and Up” by Joe Marquez
Guitar on “Still Golden” – Eric Trujillo
“Hold On” coda vocals on “Still Golden” by Eric Olin
Duet vocals on “Running Infinitely” by Ms X
Background vocals on “Technicolor” by Shae Krispinsky
Background vocals on “Never Too Much Love” by Kathy McGuire (of
Music on “For Those Who Survived” performed by V and Jeremy Gloff
“For Those Who Survived” features the voices of 131 of my friends who are currently surviving
Train sample courtesy of You Tube channel baldwinloco2

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 13 mixed and produced by Ms X
Tracks 6 and 12 mixed by K. Paul Boyev
Tracks 8, 10, and 11 mixed by Gabe Loewenberg
Tracks 14 and 15 mixed by Jim Briggs III
Track 16 mixed by Brendan Ciccone
Album mastered by K Paul Boyev