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(released September 2004 -Rising Owl Records)

A.M. Radio (lyrics)
Bike Rider (lyrics)
This Is My Voice (lyrics)
Gorgeous In Cowboy Boots (lyrics)
Do Me A Favor (lyrics)
I’d Rather Be Alone (lyrics)
Different Kind Of Miserable (lyrics)
An Hour With Nothing To Do (lyrics)
Blow Up Your Hotel (lyrics)
See Yourself For The First Time (lyrics)
Sexual Dysfunction (lyrics)
Song For Mrs. D (lyrics)
Writing This To Haunt You (lyrics)
Anna Don’t Let This City Get In Your Way (lyrics)

THE ORANGE SONGS was my 13th album and it was a complete fluke. In early 2004 I was in the studio laying down the early tracks for the album that would turn out to be NOW’S THE RIGHT TIME TO FEEL GOOD. In tandem with these sessions I was finishing up my Associates Degree in college and attending some very intense therapy sessions with the wonderful Linda Peterman.

My absolute favorite class in school was “Psychology of Personal Growth” taught by the effervescent Norma Caltagirone. In lieu of a final exam, the class culimnated with a final creative project. We were asked to create a poem, or a collage, or a short story. My original plan was to turn in one of the NOW’S THE RIGHT TIME songs.

Sitting on my bed one sunny afternoon I hit a chord on the acoustic guitar that resonated inside of me. I knew at that moment I had to write a brand new song for Miss Caltagirone’s class. Over the next few days that one song turned into two, which turned into three, then four. And by the end of that week I had written an entire new album.

I halted production of NOW’S THE RIGHT TIME TO FEEL GOOD much to the chagrin of my creative team. But these 14 new acoustic songs called for immediate release.

The tracks on THE ORANGE SONGS found me candid and open. Due to the therapy sessions and psychology classes I was made to confront, battle, and understand the “demons” that had been gnawing at me for quite some time. This album is a riveting replica of the painful and honest journey I took while healing my inner-self.

Produced by Jeremy Gloff and Mark Nikolich
Recorded and Mastered at Atomic Audio
All performances by Jeremy Gloff except:
vocals on “Writing This To Haunt You” by the Cold Band
(Lea McCarthy, James Ratliff, and Jimmy Reese)
Jimmy Reese played some percussion, with a’ddl guitar on “A.M. Radio”,
“See Yourself For The First Time”, “Different Kind Of Miserable”, “Writing
This To Haunt You”, and “Anna Don’t Let This City Get In Your Way” where
he also sang backup. Mark Nikolich played bass on “Writing This To Haunt You”.
Photography: Heather Dibkey
Design: Jason Perry and James Seaman
All songs were written by Jeremy Gloff except “Different Kind Of Miserable” and
“Anna Don’t Let This City Get In Your Way” which were written with Jimmy Reese.
Some additional lyrics on “An Hour With Nothing To Do” are from the song
“Dreams and Novelties” by the band The Sophomore Effort.
Thanks to the very influential people in my life: Heather DeLoach, Mrs. D. DeLoach,
Linda Peterman, and Norma Caltagirone.