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by April Diodato
published August 2006

Tonight Jeremy Gloff will perform live at the Filmore (221 Central Avenue) in Dunkirk with his dad, Jimi “The Hawk” Gloff, starting at 8 p.m.

Jeremy, formerly of Fredonia, is a performer currently based in Tampa, Fla. Who has self-released fourteen albums since 1993. His 1998 album Jeremy Gloff was the first Gloff album to be recorded professionally and released on CD. In 1999 Jeremy Gloff relocated to Tampa and began recording with a full band. The ensuing release, 2000’s indie-rock inspired Spin Girl Spin, was his most successful album to date. Jeremy was voted by The Weekly Planet as Tampa’s “Best Singer/Songwriter.” Momentum continued to grow when tracks from 2001’s America Is Lonely Tonight were featured, along with a cameo from Jeremy himself, in the documentary “Hooked.”

Jeremy’s latest album Now’s The Right Time To Feel Good, was released this April. He is currently touring in New York state, with his final stop in New York City on Saturday. More info on Jeremy can be found at

Jeremy’s dad, Jimi Gloff, is an established member of the Western New York music scene. Jimi is a versatile player as comfortable with swampy delta blues as he is with an emotional Neil Young tune. His band resume includes the well known Wooden Ship, as well as the Jimi Gloff Blues Band.

Have a great weekend and be safe. Happy birthday to my friend Linzy Morrison , who celebrated her 21st birthday on Monday.