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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on True Stories (1993)

I think I only wanted
For you to hold my hand
I knew you were on your way
And so I changed my sheets
And I made sure my clothes were clean

You crawled on up my stairs
You walked into my door
I smiled and gave you eyes
You sat down on my floor
And I pushed the latch on the door

I guess I have no control over the things I do
You pulled the curtains shut
You pulled me onto you
I asked what you wanted me to do?

Why did you knock on my door
What did you come here for
I guess at seventeen
You take all you can
I took you in.

You told me to stop before we were though
Because this wasn’t what you wanted to do
I didn’t make you lay down
You turned off my light
You came into my house
You knew what I was like
We’ve done this before
If you didn’t like it the first time
Why did you ask for more
If you didn’t like the way my skin feels
You shouldn’t have taken my pants off
And I’d rather have my skin dry
Than let you be satisfied…