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(released July 2nd, 2017
released by Scribbleland Entertainment)

Back And Forth (Demo Version) (lyrics)
Madalyn Murray O’Hair (Short Fuse Demo) (lyrics)
Outsiders (Demo version) (lyrics)
Small City (Demo Version ) (lyrics)
Never Grow Old (Demo Version) (lyrics)
World Won’t Do It (Demo Version) (lyrics)
Junkie Love (Instrumental Version)
Intentional Victim (Demo Version) (lyrics)
Manhunt (Demo Version) (lyrics)
Modern Times Will Catch Me (lyrics)
Closet Chapter 2 (cassette only bonus track) (lyrics)
Five Minute Dance Party (lyrics)

All songs written by Jeremy Gloff except:
“Back And Forth (Demo Version)” by Jeremy Gloff/Azusena
“Manhunt” and “Five Minute Dance Party” by Jeremy GLoff/Geoffrey Dicker.

All performances by Jeremy Gloff except:
Bass and guitar on “Junkie Love (Instrumental Version)” By Pat Maue

Myk Media approached me about putting out an album of Jeremy Gloff rarities on his cassette tape label Scribbleland Entertainment.  I mulled over the idea for a couple of days and realized I had an old dusty CDr with all the demos from my 2011 album THIS.  

The original versions of most of those songs are much different than what got released and I always considered letting people hear them.  When this opportunity presented itself I said “why the hell not”.

Among the curios:
The original version of “Back And Forth” laid the groundwork for the song “Down And Up” that came out on my 2016 album THOSE WHO SURVIVED.  Azusena co-wrote this original version with me and has gone on to have a wonderful career.

The music from the demo version of “Outsiders” eventually became “Intentional Victim”.

The music from the original “Never Grow Old” morphed years later into “Trouble Toys” also from THOSE WHO SURVIVED.

The music from the original “World Won’t Do It” became “Don’t You Run Away” on INSIDE OF BLUE BUILDINGS from 2013.

The demo of “Junkie Love” was originally an untitled songwriting demo submitted to Jill Jones.  It ended up getting reworked into the version you hear on THIS.

“Modern Times Will Catch Me” is actually from 2009 and it morphed into the title track of my 21st CENTURY LOVE SONGS album.  I forgot how much different the original song was and felt this was a good place to put it.

“Closet Chapter 2” is a cover of one of the songs from R. Kelly’s infamous “Trapped In The Closet” series.  At one point the band Scream Club was going to release a comp of different artists covering the entire series on their Crunks Not Dead label.  This comp never happened but my contribution remains.

This collection ends with “Five Minute Dance Party” which was the other song I wrote with Geoffrey Dicker but never saw the light of day until now.  Good thing he still had a copy, I’d lost mine.

Thank you all for making THIS such a great era back in 2011.  Now I hope you enjoy THAT.