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-written by Jeremy Gloff and Jill Jones
-appears on Inside Of Blue Buildings (2013)

All of the time I spent on your shoulder
All of the years play over and over
I think I lost my way to my own heart
I can’t believe I’m watching you leaving
Try to look blank and swallow my feeling
As you tell me
I gotta make a brand new start

So goodbye – I’ll leave your shirt out for you
So goodbye – I’m one less thing to trouble you
So take the keys – I know that you won’t follow me
It’s a silly dream
That love would conquer everything
What a stupid thing

I see the girls with smiles on their faces
I know you’ll find a way to replace me
Wish you’d find your way back
Into my heart
What’s left to be said?
In an empty apartment
In an empty bed

Repeat Chorus

Are you sleeping while I lie awake?
I keep thinking why’d you throw it all away?

Repeat Chorus