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(released September 9, 1994)
(reissued as tracks 11-22 on the CD Jeremy Gloff – THE FIRST TWO ALBUMS)

His Mother (lyrics)
Alice (lyrics)
Back The Next Day (lyrics)
Two Boys Dreaming (lyrics)
Revelation (lyrics)
I’ve Got Your Body On My Mind (lyrics)
Still Feel It (lyrics)
Courtney (lyrics)
Sometimes I Hate You (lyrics)
Little Blonde (lyrics)
Child (lyrics)
In Memory Of… (lyrics)

STILL FEEL IT was recorded with the same very cheap equipment I used on TRUE STORIES. Musically, the biggest shift was the absence of drum machine and synthesizers. These songs were pared down to simple voice and keyboard arrangements. The average listener may find it hard to sit through this one – it’s a very rough recording.

There were some pretty hectic things going on in my life; these songs told the stories. I’d been kicked out of my house and was sleeping on the floor of a friend’s apartment. I had not admitted I was gay. I was living in small town New York and I could barely afford food. Thankfully some friends of mine worked at a donut shop and afterhours they fed me. My managers at Arby’s were also very kind.

That summer I felt my life change forever. A good friend of mine drowned, I was in the throes of teenage heartbreak, and I was estranged from my family. Amongst the chaos were moments of spectacular youthful abandon that sometimes I’d give anything to recapture…or relive. STILL FEEL IT is a testament to the last summer of my teenaged life.

All songs written, produced, performed, and arranged by JG
Personal assistant: Heather Jenkins
All songs copyright 1994 Riotboy Music ASCAP
Remastered onto CD by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio