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Jeremy Gloff took some time to do an IM interview. It came out awesome. Enjoy and check out his music.

KD: what was the song or band that made you fall in love w/ music?
Jeremy: hmmmm my very first favorite band was Blondie, then I shortly after discovered Fleetwood Mac…and Stevie nicks has remained a constant in my life since I was 5

KD: where are u from and what’s the music scene like over there?
Jeremy: I am originally from near buffalo new York, but I moved to Tampa Florida in 1998. the music scene here kinda sucks right now, people would rather drink beer and dance than appreciate some good live music. I don’t want to bite the scene that feeds me though, people have been coming out to my shows more and more lately.

KD: that’s really kewl. do you remember your 1st show? how was that like?
Jeremy: hmmm my first official show got cancelled, so everyone who went to see me drove back a half hour, and I played two songs sitting on the counter at arby’s where I worked at the time, to my co-workers.

KD: aww
Jeremy: hehe this was in 1994

KD: do you have a special place where you can just play to get away from it all without interruption?
Jeremy: you mean, like a place where I play music alone without anyone bothering me?

KD: yeah
Jeremy: well, my bedroom is like my sanctuary. I have made it a really permanent, creative place to be, (for now *wink*) but, we practice in my room, and I physically do all the writing of my music in my room…even if I write something in my head during the day, it doesn’t make its way to paper until I am in my room.

KD: how does the writing process go?
Jeremy: hmmm…it really differs from song to song. sometimes music comes first, then words show up for it later on. sometimes music and words come at the same time. many times, the most intense songs are the ones that get written all at once. I mean you are sitting there, and then 15 minutes later you just have this really intense song written. “Christmas alone” from romantico was written all in one sitting…it showed up out of no where. I have this song “my silencer” on my next cd that is equally intense for me…

KD: when is the next cd coming out? what can we expect on that?
Jeremy: I begin recording my next album early next year…I am about to take a month off for myself. I have been doing music nonstop for ten years now. it is time to put the music equipment away and just enjoy myself. to be the person I am removed from my music. after that short sabbatical, I start the next album…going in the studio with the three people I perform live with lately. the album is much more serious than the last one. it really deals with some issues of a person in the final years of their 20s. I also feel with each album I have made, I have had a gimmick. with spin girl spin I tried to be a bit indie/emo then on America is lonely tonight I was trying out this country this. now on romantico I had this campy new wave-ish upbeat rock thing going on. well, basically I am tired and worn out, and I just don’t feel the need to impress anyone anymore. so the next album is just me, writing songs about my life, no gimmicks. it’s pretty heavy.

KD: how do you feel about recording? do you enjoy it?
Jeremy: I love recording. it’s actually my favorite part of everything. it’s like, when you write a song you have a sketch…but in the studio you can really fill in all the colors, and have the song be the way you *really* want it to be. you can make it sound like it is in your head when you write it. on the flip side, since I’m totally indie, I am a broke ass bitch. so recording means waiting a lot of tables, being really broke, and sweating a lot. I am always afraid I won’t be able to afford it, but so far I have been lucky and managed to not get in debt.

KD: I like the way u put that. good answer
Jeremy: I hope I am not being too long winded!!! sorry if am hehe

KD: no not at all. I like long answers 🙂
Jeremy: awesome 🙂 thanks so much for doing this, by the way 🙂

KD: no problem 🙂
Jeremy: 🙂

KD: What was one moment that made you stop and think “wow this is really happening”?
Jeremy: hah! to be honest, every time I turn on the radio I think that. hearing the trite crap they play, and then seeing the people I know in real life, who write very heartfelt, intelligent, innovative music. so I hear a song like “this love is like whoah” on the radio, know that mya is making millions singing that crap, and then realize I have to wait on dumb fucks tomorrow with grease on their hands to support my music. wow, this is really happening. hehe

KD: lol

KD: do you have a favorite song to perform live?
Jeremy: well, there are a lot I like to do, and for different reasons. the first thing that came into my head was this new song “my silver lining.” all four of us go into this harmony on the chorus, and I get all emotional seeing my friends all singing along with me, so beautifully, on this song I wrote.

KD: what are you long term goals as a band and individually?
Jeremy: oh my. right now, my goal is to get that last cd done. I really don’t see what I’m going to be doing after that. what my dreams are, and what my reality IS aren’t really setting well with each other right now. I really can’t see myself working as hard as I have to make an album much longer. I want to be signed so badly, I want to tour so badly. I hope my dreams are realized, I have worked really hard.

KD: what kind of label do u have in mind if you were to get signed?
Jeremy: I have no idea. I am so out of the loop to be honest. I would like to be on a label that believes in me, with a staff that really knows what they are doing. I also would want to be on a label that really lets the artist(s) follow their own vision. so much of the music industry is a freaking joke…so much marketing and tailoring people. I could never ever have that done to me. everyone makes Clive Davis out to be such a big hero. maybe he is, but I dunno. he made a real joke out of Carlos Santana. those singles he came out with were freaking horrible pop songs. what people will do for a dollar these days I swear.

KD: lol yeah I know where u are coming from
Jeremy: isn’t it depressing!

KD: yep
Jeremy: blah!

KD: lol

KD: what do u think has been your biggest accomplishment?
Jeremy: well, I think the fact that I have released 12 full length albums in ten years, on my own, is the best thing I have ever done. I have stayed true to my vision, I have explored musically, and I have grown as a person through my music. a lot of people give up, and I didn’t.

KD: how has your life changed between the time u started and today?
Jeremy: wow. I was so lost back when I made my first album. I still lived in my parent’s house. a lot happened between my first album “true stories” and my second one “still feel it”. I got kicked out of my parents, I fell in love/obsession. things fell apart and came together again a lot of times. really though, I don’t know if anything has changed. I have grown. I think things evolve more than they actually change. geographically I have changed, and I have found strength in certain areas I didn’t have it. but it didn’t happen over night.

KD: what is the best compliment you’ve ever gotten about your music?
Jeremy: two came to mind right away. one kid sent me a package and told me one of my albums stopped him from killing himself. that is heavy stuff. another kid said one of my early albums provoked him to come out of the closet to his parents. these are life changing events, and knowing my songs played such a positive role in a person’s life, it’s really special.

KD: yeah. so how does it feel to have people appreciating your music?
Jeremy: better than having them hate it! hah

KD: lol
Jeremy: you know a lot of singers say they do it only for themselves. “fuck everyone, I do this for ME.” well, I think to a point this CAN be true I mean I do all music for myself really, my own expression. but anyone who puts it on cd and promotes it, and wants people to hear it, or who wants to make a living off of it, I don’t think a person can honestly say they are just doing it for themselves. I want people to feel my music along with me, to listen to what I am saying, and have it spark a conversation, or a thought.

KD: any last shout outs or comments?
Jeremy: uh, thanks for taking the interest in hearing what I had to say 🙂

KD: no problem. thanks for taking the time to answer my questions
Jeremy: of course 🙂