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romantico   472

-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Romantico (2003)
-appears on Hurricane Lullabies: The Best Of Jeremy Gloff (2015)

I should turn around
Because I know that you work here
Feels so good to see you again
There’s a lot of mess to clean up in my head
But I never gave up no matter what I said
And still I think of when you were sleeping
And there was no hating in your eyes
So much got lost in all the screaming
But I – I never forgot how I felt before the fight

I find it really hard to hate you
Because those were the best days of my life
(You shouldn’t hold on much longer)

I said to my friend
“What if I’m wrong…what if I made you in head”
She said “Don’t you ever say that…
no and don’t you ever think that
Because we have our dreams
That’s all we’ve got…
And when we let them go we’re gone…”
These moments are mine till I die.
And there’s that place in my head
Where you’re still sleeping
Before there was hating in your eyes
If I could walk through gravity
I’d bring us back down to the common ground
Where we used to be.

And even when you’re gone you never go
And even when I go you’re never really gone
But day has finally come
That I let it all go.