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-by Leigh Armstrong
-appeared on (February 19, 2009)

Glam is awesome. Don’t try and deny it. As long as you don’t take it too seriously, wearing wigs and sparkles can be some of the best fun you can have. That’s what the Glamagic Shove N’ Love at the Rat Soap Art Studio (think a Brooklyn style factory set up for dancing and art) was all about. Having fun in whatever way possible. Throw in drag queens, music acts and fashion shows, and you have yourself a stellar way to spend a Wednesday night. Of course, there were a fair share of surprises. Check the photos below to find out for yourself.

Can you get much cooler than this? Victorian wig, Sequined blazer and a pimp cane with a diamond on top, Ricky Diamond was flaunting some extreme style. I’ve never seen that much dancing at an art show but he got the people moving. Add in a quick costume change to look 80S cool (complete with neon shades!) and you have a man who knows how to put some fun into music.

Meet Sloppy Seconds. Don’t know them? Give it a little while and you just might. This new group has got some style that has to heard to be believed. Think hip-hop mixed with rap and then throw in a whole bunch of sexual content just to be safe. The way they describe themselves is electro-sexual. It’s nifty and and they kind of remind me of Electrocute. If you like your hip-hop nasty and dirty, keep an eye out for this duo.

I’m not sure how I feel about Nicky Click. If you listen to her music on-line, it sounds alright. In person, she’s all over the place. Literally. Falling on the ground and climbing all over stuff. It makes the show very erratic and interesting to say the least. She did fit right in with the crowd at Rat Soap though. I’d say she’s a unique Florida oddity but she’s from New Hampshire. I’m not used to seeing this type of oddity outside of Florida!

What event is complete without wrestling? Seriously though, that’s creamed corn. I felt absolutely disgusted but I couldn’t keep from laughing. It was like watching a real-life Jackass episode. It’s vomit-inducing, it’s stupid but you can’t keep from watching and cracking up.
Overall, I’m definitely going to keep a look at Rat Soap Art Studio from now on to see what they do. If they did all this on a Wednesday, I want to see what they’d pull off on a Friday!