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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
July 30th, 2008

Hey it’s that time again!!!!! OUTmusic and JD Doyle’s present to you: Scott Free!!! Enjoy my Q and A with Scott and be sure to
a) check out his website:
b) check out three of Scott’s songs on our OUTmusic myspace music player!

For more awesome queer music check out J.D Doyle’s website and also!!!!

Without further ado, 10 questions for Scott Free:
1) how is the queer music scene in chicago?

The scene in Chicago is incredibly vibrant – my twice-monthly Homolatte queer performance series has been going on for eight years, and there are two more monthly events that are doing very well – Ripley Caine’s Cake Chicago and Gary Airdale’s Flesh Hungry Dog Show. Also, there are queer artist stopping in Chicago on their tours all the time, so always plenty of queer music to hear.

2) have you noticed a shift in the queer music scene from 1998 through now?

Certainly the number of artists who LGBTI-identify has skyrocketed – which has allowed more specific scenes like the bear music scene to thrive.

3) was there ever a point you were tempted to use a different pronoun in your lyrics so you could appeal to a larger audience?

No – couldn’t imagine it – and I think I go out of my way to make my songs non-gender-neutral.

4) do you have a favorite fellow queer artist?

Of course, that’s difficult to do, but the one musician’s work that has probably touched me the most would be Brady Earnhart. He only has two albums out – but they are both folk masterpieces.

5) has there ever been a song that changed your life?

Probably the one that had the most influence on me would be ‘At Seventeen’ by Janis Ian – neither she, nor the song, was “out” at that time, but I took from it my own meaning. Although my main musical influence was punk, that song made me realize the power of music, because it hit me that hard.

6) what are some of your future plans?

I try not to talk specifics until they’re finished – if I talk too much about a project, I never complete it! But as always, I try to make my next project something completely different.

7) tell us about your new album

It’s called ‘The Pink Album (A Pop Opera)’ – not an opera really, but a concept album – stories about growing up gay, living thru the formation of the LGBT community, the AIDS crisis, and current issues of marriage and adoption.

8) what was the first song you wrote?

It was in high school – it was called ‘I Really Should Have Been Myself” – wow, I started my own genre back then – In The Closet songs!! I was also so clueless as a songwriter that I told my sister (who recorded the vocal) to just sing the verse lyrics any way she wanted – what a loser!!

9) any advice to give new performers?

Well, for new songwriters, throw out (or send to the recycle bin) your favorite artist’s music and make a vow never to listen to them again – that’s the first step in making your own statement.

10) favorite madonna song of all time?

No competition – ‘Live To Tell’ – a classic ballad.

TIL NEXT TIME!!!! xoxoxox