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(released in 1998)

This compilation series was curated by students at Fredonia State.

Dave Peters- Works in Frames
Haply Medium- Let it Go (Wall of Guitars Remix)
Uniit- Reason Meets Resistance
Archie O’Bryan- Head of an Old Man
18 Hundred and Froze to Death- Stay Asleep
Oceleot- Fragmented
Jeremy Gloff- Shadows
Michelle Carpenter- Paper Mache
Jon Marbach- Nerve/was it?
The Pants- UFO
Tri-State Killing Spree- Botched Neuter Job
Silo 6- Spy Hunter
Sabina- Misplaced
Mindslo- Red House
Slifka- Red Light
3 Days Old- Only With You There
Cabalyst- Michigan
Lost Earth Lock- Worm Cake