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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-January 2008

I had the pleasure of chatting a bit with the fabulous Robert Anton. Robert is a singer/songwriter/music publisher who video logs on YouTube. You can find out more about Robert at any of the following links:

Here’s the ten questions I asked Robert Anton:
1) what is your current project?

Currently I am planning three projects for the coming year and getting my corporation of the ground (playAnton Productions, Inc). I plan to, and have had a little success so far at, place songs in movies, tv, dvd, compilations, and with other artists.

2) has there ever been a point when you wanted to give up on your music?

Never. It’s always been good to me.

3) who that you know in real life has been the biggest influence on your creativity?

On my creativity? God, the universe, the spirits. Something has always talked to me and led me and counseled me to say, “You can do it; this is what you were meant for.” My mom died violently when I was young, so it may be her.

4) if you were to name one album that inspired you more than any other, what would that album be?

LOL, Sugar Hill Gang. It was a 78. First album I bought with my own money. “Rapper’s Delight” Strange, eh?

5) do you kiss boys in public?

I’ve kissed boys and girls in public. Yes. I feel that you should be able to express yourself with your mate (whoever it is).

6) think back to the best show you ever played in your life. tell us briefly when that was and what it meant to you…

There’ve been sooo many. Ok. I once did a Nat King Cole show at Don’t Tell Mama. Putting it together and learning all about one of my favorite performers was amazing. And embodying his persona and having people come to me and say, “I didnt know he…” was such a natural high. Amazing!!!

7) do you feel you are playing a role in the evolution of the OUTmusician?

I think I may play some role, but I don’t know if it’s much. LOL. “Every little step counts” though. So Yea. I being myself wherever I am and with whomever I encounter speaks volumes.

8) favorite TV show character?

I havent watched tv since college with any regularity, but I’d have to say Genie…or Gomer Pyle…or Lucy (Lucille Ball)…or…always the cock-eyed optimists.

9) has anyone ever broken your heart? if so how many songs did you write about that person?

Yes, I’ve had my heart broken before. How many? HM. A few 😉

10) so what’s your new years resolution, if you dare to tell us?

Well, my main focus is to get my publishing company up and running like a well-oiled machine, so I’m taking some business classes and studying up at the library.

Happy New Years everyone! Make sure to email Robert and let him know how much you love his music. And as always, support OUTMUSIC and spread the word!

Much Love,
Jeremy Gloff