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-February 15th, 2012


Jeremy Gloff talks about his video of the Square One Creative Events in Tampa

Every year I look forward to the Square One Creative Events in Tampa. When Square One leader Okesene Tilo asked if he could use my song “World Won’t Do It” as the finale of his Cosmopolitan event I was delighted. Together with a group of my friends we closed the show with a performance that will not soon be forgotten, confetti cannon and all.

Director JC Penaloza was the official filmographer on hand at Cosomopolitan. Upon reviewing his footage taken at the event, and hearing my song closing the show, he asked me if I would come into his studio to do some solo shots. JC was hoping to insert some of the personal nature of my song into the film.

The song itself is quite personal. I grew up in a family with mental illness and depression. Sometimes it’s as if I need to rent a crane to help people get their chin up. Cranes are too expensive. I wrote this song instead.