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Released in 1996


-by Steve Donnelly
-courtesy of

Jeremy Gloff, now hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, has a prolific output numbering some 153 songs on 11 albums. His latest release, Spin Girl Spin, opens with a slightly atonal guitar strumming that tells you right away that this is no standard pop fare. As the song “Deadchina” progresses, Gloff’s distinctive vocals chime in with clear female harmonies to sweeten the mix. Gloff’s personal lyrics run the gamut of subjects from love and desire to violence to amusing poetic nonsensical stream-of-consciousness, delivered in a voice vaguely familiar yet unique, reminiscent of Matt Johnson (The The) and occasionally of acts such as The Watchmen or The Sweater Girls, with chord progressions and understated production not unlike bands such as Eric’s Trip and Jale. At times the album sounds like a good eighties band (remember Pukka Orchestra? Wall of Voodoo?) that surfaced 15 years too late. Gloff’s melodic and rhythmic sense carries the album and makes it unique. This is not the type of album that smacks you in the face with pop-catchiness but rather a drum-and-guitar folk-pop album that grows on you and endears itself to you over several listens. I always prefer the latter as I believe an album is likely to stay in your stereo longer if it has to earn your respect. Unfortunately many people do not have the attention span to give an album like this the attention it deserves but those who do will not go unrewarded.

-by Michael Allison

Jeremy Gloff has one of the most unique vocal styles that I’ve ever heard. His tone is remarkable and compliments his music perfectly. The musical style on this album is somewhat of an alternative pop. The lyrical content is excellent and the music is well written. The music can almost be compared to an REM style, but with a cool uniqueness that is all Jeremy’s. I have to say that this CD is quite enjoyable and has a lot of potential in the realms of the indie genre. The songs on the album that stand out are ‘Breaking, Breaking’ and ‘Infrawhite.’ Both songs have excellent hooks and fill the voids left in today’s music. A good description of this music would be Smashing Pumpkins collides with REM. Jeremy presents a mood of sadness and reflects a broken soul in every emotion of the words. All in all, this is a nice album to add to your collection if you’re into anything near this style.

-from Impact Press

Another Florida boy makes good! Jeremy Gloff is a talented singer-songwriter whose acoustic offerings are deep, meaningful tunes. He reminds me at times of Jeremy Toback or My Friend Steve, while track number eight (“Icecream Headache”) sounds Cure’ish. Overall, he’s a bit more quiet than those aforementioned bands though he does know how to kick it up a notch, as he does on “Tornado.” This is a solid offering from the Tampa resident.

-from Get Fancy!

Jeremy Gloff’s self-released Spin Girl Spin is beyond radio and film score ready with 14 tracks twisting and turning from lo-fi pop to delicate deathbed ditties I was overjoyed to add to my collection of fancy new favorites! Duets “Infrawhite” and “Hallway Girl” mix killer co-ed harmonies with a slight similarity to early That Dog, which you know brings joy to this fan! “Breaking Breaking” is a beautifully sad song about a woman in denial, breaking and crazed, while “Booker’s Lullaby” is a heartbreaker about the agony and loneliness of sleeping alone, once again, and both are perfect examples of the sentimental sweetness Jeremy laces throughout this too-cool jewel that is anything but lo-fi hum drum. Taking the cake is “Icecream Headache,” another shared vocal wonder that is stressfully intense and comtemplative to the hilt in an amazing drama and overall, Jeremy Gloff’s Spin Girl Spin is highly recommended!

-from House Of Jordan Entertainment

Jeremy Gloff is a troubadour for the new millenium. The songs on Spin Girl Spin run the gamut from poignantly introspective to carefree silliness. Jeremy’s indelible spirit shines through all the songs on the album. This guy sings about things that we can all relate to on some level. Plus, he is just a really nice guy and is very professional about his music. Check out his home page to learn more about this bright singer/songwriter.

-From Complete Chaos
-by Davina

Do you ever get the feeling, when you put on a new album by an artist you’ve never heard before, that you’ve heard it somewhere before? I feel that with this album. I can’t even think of who he sounds like, and I thought about it the whole time I listened to it. It’s still bothering me now, so if you ever get around to it, give it a listen and tell me what you think. Anyway, Jeremy Gloff knows how to write melody. Generally, this album centres around his vocals with accompanying supporting harmonies, acoustic guitar and drums. The lyrics show a slight negative view towards life, telling stories about several people’s lives, who feel lonely, pained or sad internally: “She will never complain/or bother with tears/she’s frosted icing/over the bad years/she is breaking…breaking” I like it. Grade: 28/33

-From Neu Futur

Very strong pseudo-acoustic indy rock with an all-around renaissance man at the helm, as Jeremy writes his own songs, plays guitar on his tracks, and evens sings to make a very unique album. The nearest thing that I can acquaint Jeremy to would be a good version of Elliot Smith. The quality of the lyrics on this cd are in a league of their own, able to be the most soulful of words without delving into the abyss of self-pity and cliche that so many of the indy acts nowadays do. Love is the element that ties this cd together, ranging from loneliness (“Breaking Breaking”) to abusive relationship (“This woman bleeds”). For an independent album, this album has some of the best recording that I have ever heard. “Breaking breaking” brings to the mind a ballad during the time of chivalry and pestilence, bringing a calming effect to even the most savage soul. “Johnny” showcases the harder side of Jeremy, inserting rawer pieces in a song that perfectly reflects that character in the song-soft and kind most of the time but infuriated and bellicose at the slightest provocation. Influences of all genres of music seem to be prevalent in Jeremy’s music, including Matthew Good Band, Elliot Smith, and Pavement. However, Jeremy is able to create music that transcends musical labeling, and puts out one of the best albums of the year. I know this baby will be spotted in my CD player a lot. Go to his website at, email him at, or snail mail him at Jeremy Gloff, P.O. Box 291593, Tampa Florida 33687. Rating:8.7/10

-From Bay Domain

Jeremy’s Bio sheet reads like he’s lived the life of ten men, yet he still has the energy of an adolescent. He’s led one hell of a life and it sounds like he is ready for it to come full circle. “Purple-haired punkster who spit fire and ripped at his acoustic guitar strings till his fingers bled”, and “the sensitive reflections and hazy synth-pop” describes his musical past growing up outside Florida. How ironic, most individuals speak of getting out of Florida, perhaps even more Tampa, not Jeremy. After growing up outside Buffalo and with subsequent moves to and from Atlanta and Pittsburgh, he decides, for reasons not clear, to head to Florida.

Whatever the reason(s), Jeremy’s new release, (his tenth) lands him firmly in the land of the alt-rock. Unlike his past works more anchored in punk rock, Spin Girl Spin turns more towards the solo semi-acoustic introspective rock and roll. Anchored in strummy / folksy rock chords, Jeremy’s high toned voice sings mostly about personal experiences with others. After a listen, you’ll realize he’s gone through a lot in his life. Then again he’s lived the life of ten…

Jeremy is currently working on a new album, will he ever slow down? Stay tuned for its release.

-by Jim Santo
-Courtesy Of Jim Santo’s Demo Universe

One of the pleasures of doing Demo Universe is having the opportunity to follow an artist’s career and (hopefully) listen as they mature and find their voice. Jeremy Gloff and I go back to 1996 and his Midnight Blooming cassette, which displayed promise despite a mediocre recording. We next intersected in 1998 with an eponymous cassette that showed considerable growth. Another two years down the road and it sounds as if it’s all come together for Jeremy Gloff. Spin Girl Spin is a terrific set of edgy, emotionally complex pop music. Backed by an ace band, his distinctive, reedy baritone sounding self-assured as never before, Gloff will get under your skin and give you goosebumps. Other reviewers have compared Jeremy to R.E.M., Smashing Pumpkins and the Cure; this time out, I’ll add Marianne Faithful to the list, but it’s just a frame of reference, ’cause Gloff is his own man. Slated for an October release on indie Unshared Worldwide, Spin Girl Spin is Jeremy’s 11th recording since 1993 — he’s ready for you!

-from Mononster Zine

Rather tame college rock with melodic smacks of early R.E.M. or the Pretenders. Pretty up in your face rhythm guitar tone the whole way though, which is a step in the right direction. “Ice Cream Headache” is my feel good pick here.

-Review of “Infrawhite” (a ‘Spin Girl Spin’ track)
-courtesy of The Global Muse

Rating: *** (this song is worth downloading)
“Infrawhite” is a sort of folk meets alternative style song that is backed with good lyrics and smart musicianship. The mp3 could have been a little better in quality, but that still doesn’t take away from what the song offers