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released in 2017

-by JJ Vicars

Artists often do their best work when, after years of honing their craft,
they let go and let it flow. LIGHTRAIL is such an album. Following two
decades of recording Jeremy Gloff decided to record a fun, upbeat album to
contrast a slew of deaths, from close friends to heroes and icons. The
result is a summer album tailor made for enjoying the moment.

LIGHTRAIL is an album to be taken as a whole. Gloff’s trademarks are
present here, from the dreamy intro reprising snippets of previous albums
to the hypnotic Dance tracks and sing-along Pop numbers, all boiled down
to a singular and quintessential Gloff sound. While each of the songs
holds up on their own they’re to be taken together like chapters in a
book. They flow in perfect timing to bring the mood up and down at just
the right moment. Crank it up on your car stereo shortly after dusk as you
head out to begin the night’s festivities…