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Released in 1997


-by Jim Santo
-courtesy of Jim Santo’s Demo Universe

Gloff was a bit playful on this 1997 release, dropping droll soundbytes amid his songs. “I Wanna Sell Out” is another moment of levity as Jeremy dreams about “the day when I am worth what I am paid.” But Jeremy’s Wonderland is hardly a comedy album; recorded during an itinerant period of “a lot of couches in a few different cities,” this restless set swings from bitterness (“Where to Go Shalala”) to hopefulness (“The Joy In This”) and back again (“Song About Stupid People”,”Bad Season”). In many ways this is a typical Jeremy Gloff release: soul-searching, vulnerable, fearlessly personal and always tuneful.

-fan review submitted by SAracatheriNE

I absolutely adore this album. I love it. I can’t pick out only a few strong songs, so I’ll just tell you
about all of them:
1. “Where To Go Shalala”- Beautiful, powerful, inspirational. Mollie Reinhoudt
delivers with very strong backup.
2. “Cloudboy”- Gentle and thoughtful – Jeremy’s extrasensitive side.
3. “The Joy In This”- an interesting sense of profound searching and realization …
(“It can’t be nearly half as bad as it may seem…”)
4. “Too Much Love”- Jeremy’s passion quietly erupting…
5. “Wonderland”- Dreamy and somewhat surreal…I love it…
6. “Long Distance Running”- Endlessness, but with hope.
7. “Pretty Soft”- Well, the title describes it pretty well…not everything is harsh.
8. “Waves”- Also very surreal and beautiful…
9. “I Wanna Sellout”- Fierce, bitter, biting…and completely delicious. [flip tape]
10. “Song about Stupid People”- The all-time number one sing-a-long choice of
Gloff gatherings. 🙂
11. “Sleeping Beauty Dreams”- Hopeful.
12. “Transmissions”- Dreamy, almost eerie, and very peaceful.
13. “Run”- The remake- just as strong, if not stronger, than the original.
14. “These Wastelands”- Those places that are “nice to raise your kids in”…you
can’t stay there forever…small towns can be deadly.
15. “Bad Season”- Grating, nasty and completely realistic. (“I spent Christmas
Eve stuck at a Wal-Mart store cleaning somebody’s shit off of the floor.”)
16. “My Happy Birthday”- This song makes me cry.
17. “Distance Thru Life”- This song will just echo through you.
18. “G.R.A.V.I.T.Y.”- Strong and punkish – a stellar end to an awesome album.