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Released in 2002


-by Jim Santo
-courtesy of Jim Santo’s Demo Universe

After sending me six full-length CDs in four months last year, Jeremy Gloff swore I wouldn’t be hearing from him again for a long time. And then five months later, he’s back again, albeit under a satiric pseudonym. Not that I’m complaining; a new Gloff release is always cause for celebration, especially now, with the startling course correction charted here. Jeremy has not only acquired a partner in crime (Sassy, a/k/a Susie Martian) — a surprising development for this perennial solo performer — but also a new persona: lascivious club-music MC J-Glo. Strange but true: the earnest, soul-searching queer-as-folkie is now a strutting disco sybarite, battling Sassy for the affections of a “17 Year Old Sex Machine” (“Back off bitch the boy is mine/His face is smooth is ass is fine”) and trumpeting his preference for “Da Biscuits”: “I knew Mix-A-Lot was wrong/When I saw the D cup shake all night long.” It’s all for fun, of course, and Gloff is obviously having a ball — a refreshing change of pace given the often bitter, brutally honest songs for which he’s known. I’ve no doubt that Jeremy will have himself back under his microscope eventually, but for now he just wants to dance, dance, dance. Is that so wong?

-from FOCUS Magazine

(13 track CD, recorded at The Dining Room, produced by DJ Soma, J-Glo and Sassy; all music and vocals by DJ Soma, J-Glo, Sassy, Pascal, and Wendy Hughes.)

Thirteen tracks of inocuous, but expertly crafted electro-pop by way of ‘80s dancefloor churls like Human League, Berlin, and Bananarama. Give DJ Soma his due, however, Valentine has an “alt skuhl” German feel to its free-flowing hustle-a combination of arty pop tunes and burbling synthesizers where Donna Summer and Brian Eno finally meet. Since most of the tunes here are destined for the club market (and especially the Euro-mix clientele with the enchanting “My Life In Purple”), this dics has a unique sexual energy (“I Wanna Touch You,” “And Then I Was Naked,” “Tonight (I Feel The Ecstasy),”) while keeping page with the mushy edge of light house sounds (“Dreaming Of You,” “Free At Last”). Ghost of Luther Campbell: The booty chant of “Da Biscuits” (“I like the biscuits better than the ass”) which will probably be the first track to hit the circuit. Includes a Spies in the Wires mix of “Don’t Blame The Crane” featuring Mindstatic’s Wendy Hughes dueting with Sassy.

-by Joe Murphy
-courtesy of Too Square Magazine

Score: **** We got this CD ( along with some others that will be posted in a day or so ) in the mail the other day and popped it in the computer for a listen. The songs are all well mixed and have a cool electronic style that I really enjoy. Many of the first few songs took me back a few years with soothing sounds similar to Book Of Love/Yaz mixed with Kraftwerk, but with a definate modern mix style that really pulls the beats together. The CD moves forward in my opinion, as the songs progress seeming to get into more complicated techno style beats towards the end. I really enjoyed tracks 2 ( “I Wanna Touch You”) and 3 ( “And Then I Was Naked”) the most, but the whole CD was excellent. If you are into electronic music, then this CD is a must for you.

-by Gina Vivinetto
-courtesy of The St. Petersburg Times

Tampa “techno” outfit J-Glo and Sassy are musicians Jeremy Gloff and Susy Martian (Ramona Hates Pink). The lo-fi – as in a keyboard and voices – debut Valentine is either a parody or homage to electronica/dance music; one can’t be sure. Certainly it’s fun. Entertaining numbers such as “Life In Purple” are all feel-good dance anthems celebrating the quirky life, a la the B-52’s, or more aptly, Bongwater.

It’s the more ribald tracks that will perk up ears. “Da Biscuits” is an ode to breasts. “17-Year-Old Sex Machine” finds the sexually ambiguous duo competing for the affections of a young lad. The duo sends up sweaty, nasty, Princely funk on “I Wanna Touch You”. The disco ecstasy of “And Then I Was Naked” will surely have some Studio 54 buffs singing along, “This is the best night of my life.”