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Released in 2013

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-by J.J. Vicars

Inside of Blue Buildings is a fitting 20 year anniversary album for Jeremy Gloff (aka The Gloffster, or El Glofferino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). To celebrate 20 years as a recording artist he returns to the 90’s songwriter style of his earliest work with the tasteful understatement that underscored his last two releases.

The standout track is “My Life Is Perfect”. With an Americana sound providing the frame, Gloff delivers several verses detailing the current deteriorating state of American culture. The macrocosm “This is what our country looks like now” segues into “This what my heart looks like now” as the subject narrows down to the personal – unrequited love and a general disconnect from society. “Stay home/My favorite show is on DVD/People don’t do that much for me/This is what my night looks like now” goes the last verse and when he takes it home with the refrain “My life is perfect” it’s clear that he’s come to a Zen-like acceptance; it just is what it is.

“Don’t You Run Away” is another highlight and also captures a little bit of that Americana feel. Gloff is not usually associated with Americana but it’s a genre he has a natural affinity for and does well with. “Force Of Nature” is a vocal duet with Ashley Lash that finds them in the Pop/Electronica bag that he’s more often associated with and also excels at. “True Stories” is an interesting surprise, evoking a late-60’s Pop sound complete with jangly guitars. “Control Tonight” is another solid Pop offering, this time more contemporary. “Life And Love” closes the album with another slice of Americana combined with Gloff’s penchant for strong hooks.

The album takes its title from the Tampa location he’s called home for over a decade. More than a residence it’s been his sanctuary through changing times and with his 20th anniversary disc he invites us inside not only his blue building but into our own metaphorical Blue Buildings.