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Released in 1996


-courtesy of SNOT! Magazine, Buffalo New York

Local poet/musician/composer Jeremy Gloff is a very special boy indeed. He doesn’t seem afraid to let his sensitivities and passions carry him, shying away from overrated irony. Plus, he used to play piano for Bette Midler (just kidding!) Should you wander into a cafe-to-cabaret and Mr. Gloff is the featured entertainment, take it in, ‘cuz yous all need some class in your lives.

-courtesy of Jim Santo’s Demo Universe

Gloff has never shyed away from exploring his sexual orientation (even if he hasn’t always been sure what that was) but Below The Velvet is among the most unsparing collections of songs about growing up gay you’ll likely hear anywhere. “Rites Of Silence” castigates the hypocrisy of closeted predators: “Greg big bad basketball player/Used to make the cheerleaders melt/I was never invited for his locker room talk/But I partied inside his belt.” “Peter’s Dragon” exposes a reckless boy who uses AIDS as a weapon: “Peter’s on the look out for some fun/And there’s a murder when his zipper comes undone.” “I Am A Boy” is defiant in the face of homophobia: “My name is not faggot/Mothers don’t give kids those names.” Gays will doubtless relate more strongly than straights to these songs, but anyone who’s ever been betrayed, mistreated or disillusioned will be moved by Jeremy’s angry but insightful observations.