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-courtesy of The Weekly Planet, Tampa FL
-published October 13, 2004

Yes, Bay area singer-songwriter Jeremy Gloff is ultra-prolific — his new acoustic album, The Orange Songs, is his 13th in 11 years — but his earnest, melodic tunes aren’t his only contribution to the Tampa musical canon. Case in point: this ongoing series of showcases he sets up for himself and his talented peers down at the New World. Gloff, John McNicholas, Anna O, Rebekah Pulley, Summer Virshup, Andrew MacMininn, Jade, Christie Lenee, Michele Ari and The French Cut Pants are the featured performers; Suzy Martian, Jen Shamro, Rhonda K and others will entertain the crowd from a second stage between sets. (Oct. 14, New World Brewery, Ybor City)

-courtesy of The Weekly Planet, Tampa FL
-published December 2004

T&A For The P.A.
Get your mind out of the gutter–“T&A” stands for “Talk & Acoustic” perv. Four-and-a-half hours’ worth of local musicians, songwriters, and spoken word artists are donating three or four numbers apiece (sets are between 10 and 15 minutes long) in the hope of raising enough money to furnish Sacred Grounds with a permanent P.A. Yeah, there’s a lot of that going around just lately. But while some sceneters and musicians wonder why these little venues can’t cough up a sound system on their own, most local performers figure having a place to play at all is worth the time. (Plus, shit,, most of us play for almost nothing a lot of the time anyway.) Come. Give. Thank Jeremy Gloff for hooking it up. The lineup: Jen Shamro, Susy Martian, Jason Perry, Suzanne Willett, John McNicholas, Allison Lee, Nessie (which is, for the sake of disclosure, me, Scott Harrell-if that rankles you, go outside and have a cigarette during my set or something); Anna O (in one of her final hometown appearances); French Cut Pants; Susie Ulrey¬† (who is, even in the context of this impressive lineup, extra-amazing); Kamran Mir (of Urbane Cowboys); Bob Anthony; Peabodies (featuring the bay area’s other two newspaper music critics, Gina Vivinetto and Curtis Ross); Summer Virshup; Jeremy Gloff; Rama; Pirate Prude; Kai Devani; Jackson Davis and Wookus; Chris Woltman. (Dec 10th Sacred Grounds Tampa)

-by Stefanie Kalem
-courtesy of Kitchen Sink, Oakland CA
-published December 2004

Get Gloff
He’s a gay romantic. He’s sex-addicted and compulsively confessional. He’s acoustically oriented but with a decidedly pop bent. If singer-songwriter Jeremy Gloff lived in the Bay Area, he’d fit right on. But the prolific artist (thirteen albums in eleven years, yo) lives in Tampa, Florida, in the heart of that red state’s accursed I-4 corridor, and therefore has spent his years railing against Christianity and other binding assumptions. But what Gloff really likes to sing about is love: unrequited love, mostly, but also broken love, ideal love, and forbidden love. And he does it all in his breathy,melismatic alto, with bouncy beats or tender melodies, and dashes of Fleetwood Mac, John Cougar Mellencamp, and the Scissor Sisters. Gloff’s fellow Tampanian singer-confessor, Summer Virshup (whose style has been compared to Joan Armatrading and Norah Jones), will appear with him on Mama Buzz’ back patio during its annual craft sale, Sunday between 1 and 3 p.m. 2318 Telegraph Ave. uptown Oakland 510-465-4073