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-by Linda Ryan
-courtesy of

On the surface, the idea of marrying jangly pop and Emo seems like a most unholy union, and yet Jeremy Gloff succeeds in doing exactly that with wondrous results. The singer-songwriter’s lyrics tend to wander on the tell-it-like-is side, but are rich in beauty as well as frankness. Tottering on the edge of wide-eyed wonder, Gloff’s jangly guitar swirls its way to a noisy racket that pleases most profoundly.

-courtesy of Focus Magazine
-published August 2000

Pinellas imprint Unshared Worldwide has announced it will release a full-length solo disc by way-underground punk/lone balladeer/songwriter Jeremy Gloff, to be titled Spin Girl Spin, on October 3. Gloff relocated to Tampa after years of punk releases and endless low, low, low budget touring; a track from Spin Girl Spin will be featured on the next compilation that comes with copies of Magnet magazine, perhaps the last glossy still holding out on a Slipknot cover. Check out this guy on August 25 at Orpheum, where he’ll appear along with Engine Down and The Q And Not U. Learn more about the indie enigma at, then sample a track at his site.

-courtesy of The Weekly Planet
-published August 24th, 2000

Definitely one of your tighter indie rock bills. Virginia’s Engine Down are a quartet playing a sweetly dynamic brand of rock a la Sunny Day Real Estate. D.C.’s Q And Not U’s cherry full-length No Kill No Beep Beep was recorded by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios, and will be out in October. According to Ben the Planet Intern, Jacksonville’s 12 Hour Turn is “louder than Rainer Maria and better than South Carolina, the state.” And Jeremy Gloff is a local boy – recently relocated from Buffalo, N.Y. – whose 11th release, Spin Girl Spin, is about to come out on Unshared Worldwide. The tortured ex-punk with the hooky heart of gold knows just where to steal from, and has a distinctive, high-pitched tenor. The party starts around 9 p.m., and cover for this all ages show is $5. (Aug. 25, Orpheum)

-courtesy of The Weekly Planet
-published September 21, 2000
-Best Singer/Songwriter: Jeremy Gloff

Shades of Big Star, Tim Buckley, R.E.M., The Beatles, The Smiths, and emocore all help to subtly color the 11th album from former Buffalo N.Y. native Jeremy Gloff, Spin Girl Spin, out this October on local imprint Unshared Worldwide. A far cry from the acoustic troubadour singer-songwriter types who haunt the coffeehouses or corporate bookstore chains, the 25 year old Gloff has been releasing material since high school, mostly on cassette and always changing up his sound from album to album. The music on Spin Girl Spin reflects a trend that’s lately taken hold in the solo artist sphere – the tortured ex-punk with the hooky heart of gold. With guitar, drums, bass, and backing vocal contribution, Spin Girl Spin is nonetheless Gloff’s baby, and each side of this kid’s story is different, but consistently sincere. “Tornado” starts off twangy and kicks into — I kid you not — a melody lifted out of “Mm-bop;” but tear stained poetics like “The circumcision of royalty/ Five years down/ Mama come and see the mess I’ve found” ensure that the Hanson boys won’t come knocking to claim this joint as theirs any time soon. And the stripped-down gay-friendly “Letter to Evan” is a lovely, gothic showcase for Gloff’s distinctive, high-pitched tenor.