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Poster promoting my first show


‘The Basement Lounge’ posters and photos


Promo poster for my Below The Velvet release party
Promo poster for my Midnight Blooming release party
Performance at Buffalo Pride


Songs About Stupid People era poster and photos
Jeremy’s Wonderland era poster and photos
In the studio with Valuptuous
Unicorn Folk Music Series
Flyer For The Release Of The ‘Under 30 Skies’ Comp
Autumn era photos


Recording at Tarbox Road Studios


Recording Spin Girl Spin


Spin Girl Spin era photos
Spin Girl Spin houseparty invitation
The Orpheum August 25, 2000


‘Sham-Pain’ photos
America Is Lonely Tonight recording sessions
America Is Lonely Tonight pics and misc.
Photos and flyers from ’01 performances
On tour with BettyX


J-Glo and Sassy
Photos from ‘Hooked’
Photos and flyers from ’02 performances


Recording Romantico
Romantico trading card series
’03 photo sessions
Photos and flyers from ’03 performances
Gloff-Fest One
Mini Northern Tour October ’03
Budget Thugs Art Show


’04 Birthday Show @ Sacred Grounds
Recording Now’s The Right Time To Feel Good
The Orange Songs photo session
Promo poster for The Orange Songs release party
Gloff-Fest 3
West Coast Tour w/Summer Virshup


Photo Shoots – 2005
Unreleased James Seaman photo session
Philly and NY w/Summer Virshup
Open Mic Prom @ Sacred Grounds
Photos and flyers from ’05 performances


Photos from ’06
Now’s The Right Time To Feel Good release show – official flyer
Now’s The Right Time To Feel Good CD Release Party


Photo Shoots – 2007
Photos from ’07 Performances


Partying @ Pulp
Photos and flyers from ’08 performances
Lisa (from Wendy And Lisa) poses with Gloff postcard
“Lights On” video shoot – February 2008
“Lights On” publicity ad
Lucky Changs – New York City
Mid-Summer Night Electro Party Party
Jeremy Gloff Tape Wall Series
1987 release show – official flyer
1987 Release Show – September 20, 2009
Acoustic Show @ Lucky Changs – New York City
1987 Encore @ Squared Ritz Ybor
Socializing @ Virgin 2.0 Ritz Ybor


Flyers from ’09 performances
Reax 3nd Annual Valentine’s Day Prom
Glamagik Shove-N-Love
Tigercity and Relo – Crowbar
Tales Of Lust And Longing CD Release
Cure Tribute Show Skippers Smokehouse
AMF After Party
Electro Party At The Social
Swag Video Shoot with Unecc
Antisocial @ The Social Open Mic Pics
Homo-A-Go-Go – San Francisco
21st Century Love Songs Promo Photo
21st Century Love Songs release show – official flyer
21st Century Love Songs Release Show


Flyers from ’10 performances
Skippers New Years Party
Pink It Up – February 20, 2010
Cynical And Southern Photo
AMF Hair Show Backstage Photo Shoot
Pegasus – Fuck Ybor For One Night Show
The Harvey Milk Festival
The Pangaea Project No. 2
Yeoman’s Road
Skipper’s Smokehouse
Emerald Bar
Judging At The Ritz Ybor ULTIMATE Band 2010
Savannah GA Queer Pride March
Rew And Who @ Otto’s Shrunken Head Manhattan, NY
Performing At Branded Saloon Brooklyn NY
Give Spiros Some Money Benefit
Sass Bash Tampa
Globe Coffeehouse St Pete Florida
Grit And Glam
Sacred Grounds 11th Birthday Show
Berlin: A Square One Creative Event
The Laboratory – Gainesville Florida
Miracle On 7th Avenue
Fused Art Show


Pink Friday Flyer
Pink It Up 2011
THIS Press Preview
Man On The Moon: A Square One Creative Event
THIS release show – official flyer
THIS release show – official poster
THIS official press release
Bend Over Magazine Ad
THIS photo session by Colleen Gorlewski
THIS CD release Party
Atlanta CRUNKS NOT DEAD release show poster
My Sister’s Room Atlanta
Rock The Park
Pegasus w/Tara Tinsley
The Peacock Room, Orlando
Judging At The Ritz Ybor ULTIMATE Band 2011
Crash Mitchell’s Birthday Show
Out In The Woods 2011
Erasure Pre Party @ Ritz Ybor
Gainesville – Laboratory
Liiisten Open Mic Night Promo Materials
Gay – A New Path Forward Book Release
Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Ritz Ybor
Doing Drag At “Liiisten!”
Creative Loafing Holiday Photo 2011
Cosmopolitan Square One Art Event


“Liiisten!” Performers – Photo Archive
AMF Hairshow Performing w/Ashley Knecht
Jeremy Gloff and Girls On Film @ Collage Ybor
Pink It Up 3 – 2012
Blue Williams 13th Birthday Party


Birthday Show w/Hollis Smith @ The Venture Compound
Story Time: Shot Through The Heart II
Judging The Booty Shaking Contest @ Dre Day – 2/20/13
Pink It Up 4
Creative Loafing 25th Birthday Bash
N3RD Night – Orlando – 6/22/13
Venture Compound – 6/29/13
Florida Ales Open Mic Featured Performer – 7/11/13
“Wordier Than Thou” Zine Cover
Myk Media’s “LifeBook” Drawing
INSIDE OF BLUE BUILDINGS release show – official flyer
Myk Knights 2013


Travelogues First Anniversary Party
Glow Low @ All Music Series” – 1/9/14

Judging The Booty Shaking Contest @ Dre Day – 2/20/14
Glow Low @ Pink It Up 5 – 2/22/14
Glow Low w/Beach Day – 3/21/14
Glow Low Band Practice – 6/2/14

Glow Low @ Community Cafe – 6/20/14
Hot Dog Party 9 – 7/3/14
Glow Low @ New World w/AJ Vincent and Michael Parallax – 7/11/14
Still Feel It Revisited: The 20th Anniversary
New Wave No Synth – 10/26/14
Florida Bookstore Day: Musicians Who Write – 11/15/14
“White Glint” video shoot


HURRICANE LULLABIES release show – 1/8/15
Sacred Grounds Open Mic Guest Host – 5/25/15
Y Los Dos Pistoles CD Release Party – 5/30/15
LGBT Trivia Night – Community Cafe – 6/23/15
LGBT Open Mic – Featured Performer – 6/25/15
Tampa Zine Fest – 7/25/15
The Hub – 8/16/15
WMNF Madonna Tribute – 9/3/15


Pink It Up 7!
Christopher Wharton Photo Session
Those Who Survived release show – official flyer
Sacred Grounds Open Mic – 4/4/16
Those Who Survived CD release party
Jeremy Gloff Car Window Decal Gallery
Sacred Grounds Pulse Benefit
Venture Compound Benefit For Pulse
Community Cafe Acoustic Show
“Facebook Pictures” Video Shoot
Open Mic @ Sacred Grounds 8/1/16
New World Acoustic BBQ 8/17/16
Hank & Cupcakes @ Crow Bar 8/26/16
Sacred Grounds – Final Monday Night Open Mic
Virgo: An Expression Of Love For The Venture Compound
“Forest Fires” Video Shoot
Microgroove End Of The Year Show 2016


Inauguration Day Protest Show
3rd Annual Grandiversary Block Party
Pink It Up 8!
Summer Dance Party Official Flyer
Summer Dance Party – 6/24/17
Second Annual Rock The Arts Flyer
“Slow It Down” Video Shoot
Acoustic BBQ Photo Session
New World Acoustic BBQ 2017
Live In Brooklyn 


Nasty AF Birthday Show
“I’ve Got Someone” video shoot
Pink It Up 9!
“Autumn” 20th Anniversary Show
Danielle Merkle Friendship Festival
Beer Garden Sessions
“Moments Of Euphoria” documentary photo shoot
“Moments Of Euphoria” Premier Party
Here’s The Trailer For The Documentary About Jeremy Gloff
Live @ The Bunker
Open Mic @ Steep Station
Drunken Turkey Fry


Cocktails & Couture 2019
Korner Club
Pink It Up 10!
Pinc Louds w/Vetnough and Jeremy Gloff
Strum Punk Night @ Ella’s
Hot Dog Party XIII
Smells Like Teen Spirit WMNF 90s Tribute
Community Cafe’s Moving On Party