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published July 2008

Yes, you read it right…the year when Glenn Close refused to be ignored. The first time we learned an egg in a skilled was our brain on drugs. When you didn’t do acid but wore it with your Air Jordan’s. Lycra clothing was the new black and Michael Jackson was BAD in a good way. As America begged the question “Who’s That Girl?” Madonna stepped up to answer.

You remember back when Patrick Dempsey was a geek instead of a hot doctor and Whitesnake were the coolest rockers. The stock market didn’t have a dime while the big men on Wall Street were Michael Douglas and Optimus Prime. Miss Jackson dedicated Control and God bless Liberace, rest his soul. When the three men had a baby and Elle McPherson was the hottest lady. Or when some of us had fantasies of Lion-O from Thundercats and whether you admitted it or not we all wanted to be She-Ra, Cheetara, and the bitch with the stick from Dungeons & Dragons. Don’t act like you don’t know! Yes these were the Sign ‘O’ The Times. Imgazine all this nostalic feeling all in one manic Monday night mash up.

When I recieved my personal invote to “The Mid-Summer Nite Electro Dance Party” at the Rat Soap Studio warehouse I knew nothing but death would keep me from it. If you’ve ever heard of the Rat Soap Studio ( or had the pleasure to attend a party there take a moment to look beyond your rose tinted frames. No this is not some hip, boushie lounge, but an actual lived-in warehouse studio where the art on the wall is just as eclectic as the characters who dwell there. Where everything is possible mentally and literally. Picture “The Littles” cartoon come to life. (While you’re still in that nostalgic mode).

As I arrived, with my metallic silver boots, dark denim stretch jeans with suspenders, pink star printed tank, two-toned florescent Mohawk, topped with my pop inspired bkye abd wgute franed Alexander McQueen sunglasses (you know, just a little something I threw together) the crowd was already swarming outside. There were boys, girls, straights, gays, and few I was hoping were straight with questions. Greeted by Peter Botti and sassy Samantha Perkins I knew instantly this would be a night to remember. The typical Tampa artsy crowd like Matheiu Stannoh, Anna Banana, Chou Chou, Manny Alverez, Kim Hicks, and Alice the H.B.I.C. were present. Despite the assumption of donations at the door this B.Y.O.B. party entry was still subject to approval. Which basically means if they don’t like you tell LaQuita at the McDonalds up the street they said “What up!”

Before the well populated extravaganza was to begin everyone took turns taking and making phone calls, pictures, and drinks in the “Grace Jones Prank Phone Booth” like one of America’s Next Super Model hopefuls.

By the way the next time you feel the need to drink and dial feel free to dial the “Grace Jones Prank Phone Booth” at (813)-234-4562 and find out what the T is. I promise there will be some body maybe even Grace Jones herself, please to make your acquaintance.

As the bands started Team Gina ( was the first up to bat. This dame lesbian duo from Seattle was like Salt N Pepa without the pepper with a band of Casio Keyboard beats to back them up. These two seasoned salt shakers spiced up the joint. With their clever rhymes referencing 80s memorabilia from “Saved By The Bell” to ending their show chanting “No day without AIDS in my lifetime / Don’t tell me everything will be fine.”

Up next was Jeremy Gloff ( one of Tampa’s most under-appreciated artists. Now I’m not sure if Gloffy as the powers of Grayskull or if the B.Y.O.B. has started to evaporate. The minute this electro performer hit the stage everyone cut a rug as he shouted “Party like it’s 1987!” His new CD entitled 1987 is a retrospective of not only his life, but a life many of us can relate to. It also has the first single “Lights On” which features yours truly in the video.

Soon after Jeremy’s set I had to tip out because amid all the free booze, free fun, free love, there was no free grub and a bitch had the munchies. So as I drove out I stopped by the Mickey D’s to say hello to LaQuita and pick up a double cheeseburger for $1 and like the regulators we are me and Lil Kim rolled out leg warmers and all. Holla!

So the next time you say ain’t nothing to do around here…if your mind wanders let it lead you here.