OUTmusic Artist Of The Month Interviews


This is an archive of the musician interviews I conducted while
running OUTmusic’s Myspace page.

Athena Reich (August 2007)
Cheryl Hill (September 2007)
Robert Anton (January 2008)
Jason Walker (February 2008)
J.D. Doyle (July 15, 2008)
Scott Free (July 30, 2008)
Lori Michaels (August 15th, 2008)
Jake Walden (September 1st, 2008)
Geo Vaughn (September 16th, 2008)
Melange LaVonne (October 1st, 2008)
Jenny Slater (October 16th, 2008)
Shawn Thomas (November 1st, 2008)
Gaye Adegbalola (November 15th, 2008)
John Manion (December 1st, 2008)
Don Harvey (December 15th, 2008)
Heiskell (January 1st, 2009)
Jennifer O’Connor (January 15th, 2009)
Richard Cortez (February 5th, 2009)
Liz Clark (February 15th, 2009)
Tom Goss (March 1st, 2009)
Julie Clark (March 15th, 2009)
Dare 2 B Dif’rnt (April 2009)
Lee Wilshier (May 2009)
Bigg Nugg (July 2009)