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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on The Box (2019)

Scott I was so young
I was stupid I was crazy
I know that you didn’t love me
You were straight I know I scared you
No idea why I felt so much
Or why I fell so long
You’ve hated me since ’94
Don’t think I love you anymore

Ryan I know I tortured you
Followed you around town
You’ve forgiven me – it’s cool
Still I am embarrassed
I was gay it was the 90s
Didn’t understand my feelings
You’re my first love in high school
And I’m glad that we are cool now

If we met today
If we met today we’d be okay
If we met today
We’d laugh and say
Them good old Fredonia days

I was mixed up growing up
Sometimes I was a bitch
Sometimes spoiled sometimes troubled
Hard to get along with
Probably needed help myself
Needed counseling myself
Chasing Kristian chasing Myles
Adult ruled by inner-child now

Dad I tried to reach you
But you wouldn’t respond
You wouldn’t even take my phone call
The week that you were dying
People accusing me of coming around
After all these years
It’s between me and you
And I know that we are cool now