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Appeared in Reax Magazine Issue #1 May 2006

Dear Reax Magazine,

I feel overwhelmed by the support I got last night. I currently dealing with the “post partum” depression I always feel the day after crossing a personal milestone. In the past, the day I release an album always meant the “end” of an era. I hope to approach this new project differently. I want to promote this album for a good year or two.

The last few years I kinda stopped going out much. I lost touch with a lot of people. To see so many of those faces there last night, it really leaves me on the verge of crying. It all feels like the whole night lasted two seconds. I didn’t get to talk to half of the people I would have liked to talk to. Hell I have no idea who was even there everything was so warp speed. I do know this: I was hoping for a nice turnout, but the night far exceeded my expectations.

One last thing…along the way I had people telling me to “tone myself down” or “not do anything goofy on stage” because it would “take away from my music.” I listened to them and it was then I stopped enjoying doing my music. Then one dayI took a look at my CD collection. I took stock of the people who inspire me…Madonna, Boy George, Dolly Parton, Prince. What if they had toned themselves down instead of following their creative voices? Last night, I followed my instincts, and I tried to present something that was as fun for an audience as it was for me.

Much Respect,