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(released April 28, 2006)

The Needing (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (lyrics)
Out Of Tune Love (lyrics)
The Holding Kind (lyrics)
Better Off Without (lyrics)
Flight No. 7 (lyrics)
Vagabond Cadence (lyrics)
No Longer Enough (lyrics)
No Use For Useless (lyrics)
$1000 Savings Interlude
My Silver Lining (lyrics)
Blow Away (lyrics)
Til I Grow Up For a Change (lyrics)
July (Harder Every Year) (lyrics)
Forgive Myself (lyrics)
My Silencer (lyrics)
Afraid Too (lyrics)
Goodbye Sister (lyrics)
Be Careful Darrell (lyrics)

After recording and releasing THE ORANGE SONGS I returned to the studio in late 2004 to complete the sessions for NOW’S THE RIGHT TIME TO FEEL GOOD. Many of these songs deal with the understanding (and eventual overcoming) of behaviorial patterns whose origins lie in my very young childhood.

I always gravitated towards the same personality types. Unavailable. Distant. Passive-aggressive. Addicts. I amassed an entire discography of songs chronicling my struggle to love, understand, and ultimately save these people.

The concious reconstruction of one’s own thought-processes is an extended, challenging, but ultimately rewarding undertaking. NOW’S THE RIGHT TIME TO FEEL GOOD is the album that marked a significant transition in my life, in my thinking, and in my behaviors.

Produced by Jeremy Gloff and Mark Nikolich
Recorded and Mastered at Atomic Audio
Jeremy Gloff – keyboard, guitars, tamboringe, and vocals
Mark Nikolich – studio engineer, bass
Lea McCarthy – backup vocals on all tracks
Jeff Bryan – drums
Jimmy Reese – additional guitar and backup vocals
James Ratliff – backup vocals
Robb Guido – vocals on track 3
Michele Ari – vocals on track 4
Tumoyia Ramirez – vocals on track 18
Jen Shamro – spoken word on track 9
Darrell – attitude on track 15
Helena Marsian-Bolduc – advice on track 19
Summer Virshup – vocals and percussion on track 3
Julie Richey – trumpet on tracks 11, 15, and 16
Christie Lenee – guitar solo on track 7
The Game Night Singers (Melissa Gwyn, Jason Perry, and Bylli Peiper) – vocals on track 19
all songs written by Jeremy Gloff except:
track 1 music by Jimmy Reese
track 3 lyrics written with Lea McCarthy
track 4 music by Jason Perry
track 5 music written with Jimmy Reese
track 9 lyrics written with James Ratliff and Jen Shamro
track 13 written by Pat Maue
cover design – Jason Perry and James Seaman
photography – Scotty Bentley and Summer Virshup
sylist – Erin Bentley
This album is dedicated to my sister Tanya and fatherless children everywhere.