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1) What is the band’s name, and the name of all who are in the band?

Jeremy Gloff – I am a solo performer.

2) What instruments do each of the members play?

I play guitar and paino but on my CDs all my friends come along for the ride too.

3) How long has the band been together, and what other bands have each of the members been in?

I have been releasing music since 1993.

4) What albums has the band put out, or if none, what plans do you have for recording an album?

I have put out 10 albums- True Stories (1993), Still Feel It (1994), Heavy Machinery (1995), Below The Velvet (1996), Midnight Blooming (1996), Songs About Stupid People (1996), Jeremy’s Wonderland (1997), Autumn (1998), Jeremy Gloff (1998), and Spin Girl Spin (2000) I am currently working on a new album in the studio.

5) Will you be going on tour anytime soon? If you have been out touring, what was your favourite experience?

I have never been on tour. Oh hell yes I would love to tho!

6) If you were forced to, what genres of music would you classify yourself as?

Indie rock/folk/punk with plans to do a techno album soon.

7) What bands have been the most important in the development of the style of your band?

Well in the last three years I have found a new person to explore each year
1999- Marianne Faithfull 2000- Emmylou Harris 2001- Flora Purim

8) Does your band claim to hold and political or theological beliefs, and if so how do you insinuate your message into your music?

I am not too much of a political person. I am much more a person of the heart and mind. I was never one to take on the “big issues” but more the issues of personal growth and discovery. I think it’s much more important to be a good hearted person in life, and to treat people with fairness and respect, over standing on the side of the road with a sign, stating a political belief. At least, that’s what works for me.

9) How willing would you r band be to sign to a major label? Would your compromise your ideals for popularity?

I would love to sign on a major label, provided I did not have to compromise my ideals.

10) Did you vote in the last presidential election? What is your position on voting? Does it change anything?

I voted Nadar, and it may have changed anything, since I am in Florida. My position on voting is that eveyrone should do it. I admit I am not very well informed when it comes to politics, but still, it is one of the advantages to being an American.

11) What do you think humanity should most fear in the next 25 years?

Becoming increasingly bland and numb. Our culture continually is settling for less, less, and less. Even the youth so called counter-culture has become homogenized and predictable. More and more, it seems people are handed identities on a platter, and people just run with the whole package. We need more people to stick out like a sore thumb. We need dare and danger again.

12) Of all bands past or present, which would you most like to play with and why?

I really don’t know. I’d want to perform with a band whose audience gets what I am doing. But for selfish reasons, I’d probably want to perform with some of my favorite singers, just to get the opportunity to see them do what they do best in person. Most of my favorite singers don’t even tour much anymore.

13 )How would you classify your dealings with the members of the sex that interest you the most?

Dysfunctional. I became very disillusioned with love, and ended up becoming very emotionless and mechanical when it comes to dealing with affairs of the heart. I have sex with a lot of people I don’t know. It’s dangerous for the body somewhat, but I think the damage I have done on my “soul” is much greater.

14) How do you treat yourself after a particularly good day?

I buy some food I love, sit in my room alone with the fan on, and flip through the channels on the TV.

15) In your secret identity, what position do you hold in the working world?

I wait tables at the lovely Busch Gardens. To hell with tourists!

16) If you are looking to be signed, what labels have you contacted or been contacted by?

None, but I haven’t really tried. I don’t even know how to try.

17) What would you suggest I change about my magazine?

Nothing, as long as you are following your vision.

18) Speaking of magazines, what are your favourites?

I like dumb gossipy Hollywood like People and Entertainment Weekly. I used to like Rolling Stone but no current musicians really interest me at all anymore.

19) Where should John Q. Public pick up your album?

I sell my music on my website

20) How can we get in touch with the band?