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-written by Jeremy Gloff and Geoffrey Dicker
-appears on THAT (2017)

I never felt compelled to say “no”
To the reckless life I know
I never saw the rhyme or reason
In moral codes – self control
Now there’s this boy I’m friends with
He looks cute in hats
Don’t think he likes me back
But I couldn’t care less
It feels so great to feel again
Cause in this world of computer touch
People fuck and go so much
And yes I’ve done it

Oh oh oh
There’s zombies all around
Ramblin’ around now
Oh oh oh
They’re chasing after me
Homogenizing me now
Oh oh oh
Dehumanizing touch
That used to mean so much
I gotta run like hell
Well I gotta run like hell
Or these modern times will catch me

I’m not a very smart guy
No P.H.D or big degree
You don’t take it with you when you die
Social classes are creation
Back to this boy I’m friends with
His hottest thing are his words
And I’m fantasizing
All the things we could do with our clothes on
And I’m looking all around
At all these douches New York bound
How fucking boring