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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on 1987 (2008)

Does the make ‘em wait thing work?
If it does then I don’t know
I always chased I always ran
A pursuing kind of man
In bed with a skeleton
Been here a thousand times before
Wind gusts in the spring time
Reeled me in then spit me on the floor

You should of held on to me
You’re biggest mistake was letting go
You should of held on to me
My biggest mistake was trying to make you stay

Does the hard to get thing work?
If it does how could I see?
Too willing and too open
Took advantage of my hoping
If I call you back you’ve won
If I instant message you you’ve won
Ressurecting old habits…
Forget it baby I am done

Ultra whatever to you
You should of held on to me
Now there’s nothing I can say or do

Repeat Chorus

Now I’m in Times Square and it’s not with you
And I’m driving down sunset and it’s not with you
You’ve gotta to leave and your ghost does too
These cobwebs look too much like you
If you were my friend you would have dialed the phone
You wouldn’t talk about other guys when we’re alone
Goodbye can’t run or chase after you
J.G.’s gotta better things he can do.
You smell

Repeat Chorus