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-by Slobodan Juric
-appeared on TBO (Tampa Bay Online)

Who’s in the Mix?
Gloff is a solo artist singing to the bay area’s club patrons. Depending on the venue, Gloff sometimes is accompanied by a couple of backup singers. He also is a versatile instrument player, experienced with both guitars and keyboards.

Growing up in Buffalo, N.Y., Gloff was always listening to his father play his guitar in a blues band. That’s why Gloff, 29, describes his life today as “centered around music.” He calls his music “kind of like edgy pop music” because there is a variety to each of his CDs. Singing comes easy to him because “all songs are drawn from personal experience.” He adds: “I (just) have the internal drive to write songs.”

Outside influences:
His music is influenced by various artists from diverse genres. He admires Madonna’s once-in-a-while outragous performance; the versatility of Mariah Carey’s low and high pitches (screeches) is a blast too, in a good way; culture icon Stevie Nicks is someone he grew up listening to. And John Mellencamp’s rock ‘n’ roll plays in big part in his own songwriting.

Home gig:
Gloff mostly sings at Sacred Grounds on Busch Boulevard in Tampa. He tried to play the third Friday of each month.

Now in his third year of college, Gloff says his music helps him relax and enjoy something he is really good at and loves doing after a long day in his busy life.

Daytime gig:
He works in hospitality at Busch Gardens in Tampa and is a psychology student at Hillsborough Community College.

Next big thing:
A CD, Now’s The Right Time To Feel Good is due to come out soon. It will contain 17 songs he wrote.

Dream Gig:
If he ever had a dream gig, it would be “one that pays enough so I don’t have to wait tables anymore,” Gloff laughs.

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