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-by Mike Fleming (appeared in ProjectQ Atlanta)
-April 30 2010

Forget the boring ol’ Maypoles and traditional tra-la-la normally associated with May Day. With MondoHomo just weeks away, festival organizers queer it up Sunday with Mondo May Day, a last-chance teaser party before the main event.

So what if May Day is actually on May 1? Mondo May Day on May 2 at Eyedrum Gallery is just that kind of rebellious, and we couldn’t mind less.

When we spoke to MondoHomo founder Kiki Carr last week before their Wig Out party (see photos) at the Eagle, she called the lead-up fundraisers “crucial” to making the big Memorial Weekend festival a success. Sponsors and ticket sales make up less than half of the funds it takes to put on the city’s queerest queer festival.

Or to let the organizers speak for themselves, MondoHomo is “the South’s queer art, spoken word, dance party, hip-hop-electro clash, politics, film, BBQ, circus arts, theater, music, burlesque, social action diversity-lovin’ festival of fun queer space.”

The teaser events like Sunday’s Mondo May Day are designed not only to put the fun in fundraising, but to make sure men, women and people of all ages and inclinations are aware of the upcoming main event.

“All our fundraisers are aimed at building excitement and raising awareness in different parts of the community so that we’re reaching the most people and attracting different crowds,” Carr tells Project Q Atlanta.

In giving with MondoHomo’s reputation for queering up the world one teeny little irreverent action at a time, we must say that Mondo May Day on Sunday likely goes for MondoHomo’s core constituency. The “punk raiser” includes performances by acts such as Shitty Candy (top photo), Romanenko, Violence Gange and Jeremy Gloff (bottom photo).


Also at the Eyedrum Gallery that day, look for an Extreme Queer Crafting Booth sponsored by the Feminist Outlaws, Exotic Faces by Joan, and Insane Waterbase Screenprinting by Lady Jane (bring your shirt for printing), and more.

What’s more? Thanks for asking. Raffle prizes and “delish cocktails,” Carr promises.

Say no more. We’re in.