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-written by Jeremy Gloff and Geoffrey Dicker
-appears on THAT (2017)

I thumb through my phone book
Stop at the letter “x”
At the end of my contacts
No prospect of sex
Didn’t think there would come a time
I’d go through a drought
Guess I’ll have to make myself pretty
Put on my jeans and go out

I’m on a man hunt man hunt
I’m not looking for the one
I’m on a man hunt man hunt
I just want one night of fun

I wake up by myself
There’s something that I miss
Having someone next to me
I can roll over and kiss
And then there are sometimes
I just want to be alone
“I will see you at midnight boy”
I say to my phone


There’s got to be a better way
To face the night
Looking in every direction
For Mr. Right
Got the money got the looks and I’ve got the place
With all this disease
I’m gonna play it safe