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ailt   472

-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on America Is Lonely Tonight (2001)
-appears on Hurricane Lullabies: The Best Of Jeremy Gloff (2015)

Donald is a working man
Supports his kids the best he can
And there’s a piece of
Something missing
He don’t know what it is
The simple man he used to be?
An old tune from 83?
The dreaming budget’s getting tight
He’s losing Fahrenheit.

Alena’s woken from a dream
Dead awake from baby’s screaming
There’s a piece of something missing
She don’t know what it is
All the pressures have combined
Is this what Kurt had in mind?
Her blues have lost
Some of their bright
She’s losing Fahrenheit.

And if the world should end
Just wanna find my best friend
If the world should end
Fade in my best friend

Jay’s whored himself around the town
Sees no reason to turn his life around
There’s always been a little missing
He don’t know what it is
He wants someone to celebrate him
Cuddle and decaffeinate him
Bodies wandering the night
Losing Fahrenheit…