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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-August 15th, 2008

Hey y’all!!! Jeremy Gloff here presenting you OUTmusic’s featured artist of 8/15/08…the fabulous Lori Michaels. Lori’s music is rad as hell and you can check her out at:

Be sure to check out 3 of Lori’s songs on our OUTmusic Myspace music player!

Lori was kind enough to answer ten questions for us. She was warm, smart, and funny. Viva Lori Michaels!

Make sure to come back every two weeks to this blog to discover awesome OUTartists all over the country!!!! Many thanks to J.D. Doyle for his help in selecting and finding all these great artists everywhere!!! If you are an OUT artist make sure to check out J.D.’s radio show and website at:

1) biggest musical influence growing up

I’ve been a music lover all of my life-growing up taking dance & piano lessons (and actually started singing in church). I think my biggest (and first) “official” musical influence that I can remember was my piano teacher, Paul Simeone. I don’t really think I have had one BIGGEST MUSICAL INFLUENCE. I have had great teachers and been lucky enough to meet & work with amazing musical talents out there. To be able to sit down (with ease) and write songs- evolving into me even being able to produce songs (and perform them as well & having other people perform them and/or perform with me)-truly makes me happy.

2) tell me about your latest project

I’m grateful to have a lot going on right now-so, I don’t know what would be considered the “latest” project! HA! We just released my debut full length CD, “Living My Life Out Loud” and me & the girls are touring & starting an exciting project with Michael Eldridge and Here! Networks. My radio campaign for my remixed dance single by DJ MIKE CRUZ “Meet Me At The Partay” begins very soon and we will be filming the music video & well, just havin’ a gay ol’ time!

3) what’s your fave song you’ve ever written and why?!

Wow-that’s a tough one…I for sure do not have a favorite song of my own. A piece of me (sometimes too much of me) is in every song I write-and honestly, I have not even begun to share my real music library (yet). I just wrote a new song “Bring Out The Best in You” and I don’t know if I will ever decide to actually record, release, or even ever perform that particular song- at all-but it sure made me realize way too much more than I wanted to know about myself (and someone else)…It’s the burden (and perhaps beauty) of writing those love songs, I guess…HA!

4) fave venue to play?

Small and intimate (on my piano, with candles-and lots of kleenex) But, I also enjoy the big festival venues –hot and sweaty –with me & the girls !

5) ever gotten any flack for being an openly queer performer?

Not at all. And, really- I don’t quite get why -after all of this time-and all of the Oprah episdodes (HA!)- when it comes to this “issue” of gay or not gay- why people are STILL making it an issue)?
Silly, right???

6) fave board game

Is “Twister” still a board game?? I only remember trying to be as close to the girl I had a crush on -right foot blue, left hand right there…ahhhhhhhh nice….

7) what are your future plans?

To work hard and enjoy my life & make my life (and maybe some lives around me) better…

8) what’s your fave and least fave things about touring?

My favorite thing about touring would have to be the show-the moment in the spotlight…with the crowd & even meeting the fans prior to and after the show…My least favorite thing about touring is not sleeping…I usually don’t do a lot of that on the road…I need more naps…

9) any advice for other queer artists?

I have the same advice for everyone: Be who you are, be generous & grateful; love what you do and do what (and who) you love….

10) fave madonna song? 😛

Crazy For You

Thank you Lori Michaels and J.D. Doyle for another great featured artist segment. Next artist coming 9/1

xoxoxo Jeremy Gloff on behalf of OUTmusic!!!!