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-by Quincy Walters
-appears courtesy of Insight Tampa Magazine
-June 20th, 2013


His musical journey began twenty years ago. Eighteen albums later, he is continuing to expand the horizon in front of his path.

Local musician, Jeremy Gloff, is releasing his eighteenth album entitled Inside Blue Buildings. Gloff took to Kickstarter to raise money for his latest musical venture. His targeted goal: $450.

In the video of his campaign page, Gloff explains the title of his newest work. He says that during the course of the year he spent writing this album, he lived in an apartment…which happens to be a blue building. To him, this album is “special” and one of his most “personal”.

Despite the album being personal to him, he made something that he believes will have universal appeal:

“Not only do I write about me—what happened in my own blue building—but I feel we all metaphorically live inside of our own blue building,” says Gloff in his Kickstarter video.

Like most of his albums, Gloff is offering Buildings for free, via digital download. However, he wanted to produce 100 limited edition hardcopies. Kickstarter was a way to gain the capital to press those limited edition copies.

On May 30th, his project was posted on Kickstarter. By June 14th, the funding period would end. “If this campaign reaches the goal, or exceeds it, I’ll be ecstatic,” he wrote on his project’s page.

Within those 15 days, not only did Gloff achieve his $450 goal—he exceeded it by $1,631, for a grand total of $2,081. Needless to say, all 100 limited edition albums sold out.

In his two decades of music making, Gloff believes that he has evolved both personally and musically, and he also acknowledges that certain aspects of his musicianship have remained the same.


“I think I’ve become a better musician, singer, and producer,” Gloff writes in an e-mail. “But in some ways, on my new album I realized I’m writing about a lot of the same stuff I wrote about on that first album.”

On September 29th, Gloff will host a release party at Mermaid Tavern (Tampa, FL). There, he will have limited edition hardcopies of Inside Blue Buildings available.

On his Kickstarter campaign page, Gloff writes of his new album:

“…it’s very personal and heartfelt, as you’d expect. I cannot wait to share my new music with you.”

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