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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Lightrail (2017)

Bob Welch on the radio
All night nowhere to go
My favorite highway
Driving down Central all green lights
Won’t be afraid to go dancing tonight
My favorite skyline

For so long we hoped
Our vision would get better
To see the stars

On the lightrail
Good vibes good times
Light rail gonna dance all night
Leave a lighttrail
Gonna have fun
On the lightrail

Gwen Stefani in the July heat
All the freaks dancing in the street
Smutty and charming
Gonna run to the sun we’re gonna shine
All our roads led to this moment in time
It’s the right time to feel good

Things are clear
Because our vision’s getting better
We see the stars

I will hold you as your bullet wounds they heal
I will hold you as your broken heart it heals
Only hugs not hate it’s our chance to be alive
And survive