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(released June 21st, 2017 – Rising Owl Records)

June ’17 (Summer Reprise) (lyrics)
I’ve Got Someone (lyrics)
Lightrail (lyrics)
Holla-Lujah (lyrics)
I Want Everyone To Like Me (lyrics)
What Can You Do? (lyrics)
Slow It Down (lyrics)
Now And Here (lyrics)
Moment Of Euphoria (lyrics)
Never Shut It Down (lyrics)
That Highway (lyrics)
Nasty AF (lyrics)
Say It Ain’t So (lyrics)
Gonna Be Alright (lyrics)
Arkwright Delight (lyrics)

All songs written, produced, arranged and performed by Jeremy Gloff
Except where indicated
Photography by Harold Hasselback
Model – Cacie McKnight
Cover layout by Brendan Ciccone
Mastering by K. Paul Boyev

Backup vocals: Courtney Lewis, Shae Krispinsky, and Jonny Shaw
The conductor of the Lightrail and vocals on “June ’17” – Brenda Bennett
My favorite survivor and voice on “June ’17” – Jeff X
Horns on “Slow It Down” by Brad Gilmore
Bass on “Say It Ain’t So” by Bryan Hans
Vanity tribute on “Nasty AF” by Nippy

My wish is that “Lightrail” brings you joy and happiness in the summer of ’17 and henceforth
Concept by Okie Tilo
For lyrics and more info visit

All aboard – the album of the summer has arrived!  On June 21st (the first day of summer) at midnight Jeremy Gloff surprise-released his 21st album “Lightrail”.

The first voice you hear on “Lightrail” is Brenda Bennett, one of Jeremy’s childhood heroes and former member of Vanity 6/Apollonia 6 saying “all aboard!”.  The second voice you hear is Jeff Rodriguez, Jeremy’s friend who is a survivor of the Pulse shootings saying “I‘m alive”.   With Jeremy’s friends at his side the journey and celebration have begun.  The third voice you hear is Gloff himself easing you into the most glorious months of the year.

It took 21 albums and here is the feel-good happy Jeremy Gloff album you’ve been waiting for.  The release will be commemorated with a summer dance party at New World Brewery on June 24th featuring Jeremy and a bunch of his friends doing what they love best.  The video for lead single, “Holla-Lujah” was directed by Cole Carbone.

“Lightrail” will be available at in five different packages with the more expensive options including not only the album, but Gloff offering to do volunteer service in your honor.  A new music video from “Lightrail” will be released on the 21st of each summer month.  Look for upcoming shows in Tampa, New York City, Buffalo, and more TBA.

“Lightrail” is a celebration of life, love, survival, hope, and friendship and Jeremy Gloff is going to take you there.  May this summer be the best of your life.