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-written by S. Martian and J. Gloff
-appears on J-Glo and Sassy: Valentine (2002)
-appears on Valentine – 10 Year Anniversary Edition (2012)

Everyday when I wake up I have a new attitude

(Be mine…valentine)
I hear the music
I love the music
I love to dance
J-Glo and Sassy
I love Sassy
I want to touch her now
I see the life in purple

I live my life in purple
My body’s electric in the night
I live my life in purple
Two bodies connecting in the night

(I love you…valentine)
I see the girl with the purple hair
I want to tell her how much she drives me crazy
But she doesn’t care
All she wants to do is dance
So now I dance with her
Then everyday I wake up
To the life in purple
I live my life in purple
Temptation in the night