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(released April 2003)

Big in Japan- Dig That Stupid Sound
Tribe 8 – Prison Blues
The Plus Ones – Serve In Heaven/Rule in Hell
American Steel – Maria
White Collar Crime – White Collar Crime Fight Song
Jenny Toomey – Charm City
The Atomiks – Tranquilizers
Ward Churchill – Rates Of Incarceration
The Weakerthans – Left and Leaving (live)
Low Water – Strange New Element
The Aislers Set – The Walk
The Rum Diary – Del Toro
The Specs- Thank you For Your Custom
The Blank Fight – Death Warrant
The Smugglers – Booze Can
The Dishes – h2o
Young People – Collection
Jeremy Gloff – Losing Fahrenheit
Ing – Not Dead, Not Dying
Noam Chomsky – Crime and Punishment
Chumbawumba – Without Reason Or Rhyme (Acoustic Version)
Propaghandi – Today’s Empires, Tommorrow’s Ashes

(from the liner notes:) Each month the PLP sends out nearly 2,000 books to prisoners nationwide. Why send books to prisoners? The answer is simple: access to knowledge should be a basic human right.

Now, motivated by a dedication to social justice, twenty bands, two radical spokesmen and one respected artist have joined to raise money and draw attention to The Prison Literature Project, an invaluable San Francisco Bay Area group that sends thousands of books each month to prisoners nationwide. KITESTRINGING – a term adopted from prison jargon that means passing notes between cells via string – features 22 tracks from hardworking bands and activists who understand that access to knowledge is a basic human right.

It’s time we do a little housecleaning, beginning by helping those who are housed. Your purchase of this album will help benefit this valuable cause.