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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-December 1st, 2008

Hey everyone! Happy December!!!! This time I bring to you the wonderful John Manion. John was kind enough to answer ten questions I gave to him! Make sure to pick up his album “Fireworks In The Rain” it’s great! Check out more from John at As always, thanks to J.D. Doyle for helping me with this. Find more great outmusicians at and

On to the Q and A!!!

1) how long have you lived in New York

I have lived in New York since 2002. I moved here from Nashville, TN

2) how long have you been releasing music?

I release my first project on cassette in 1989 it was called The Total Picture

3) do you have a favorite song you’ve written?

Each record has a favorite song and I often change my mind – I am very fickle. My favorite on the new CD is a song called “Me and Vodka Vinnie”

4) tell me about your latest project?

My latest CD is called “Fireworks In The Rain”. I recorded it in NYC last winter and it has just been released. I used players with jazz backgrounds so the overall feel is “The Indigo Girls meet Harry Connick”. We didn’t want to make a typical singer songwriter record so the CD is much more Peggy Lee meets Tom Waits as opposed to a Joni Mitchell meets Jackson Browne project. I think we succeeded. Check it out.

5) in which season do you write your best songs?

I think the fall and winter when I am not distracted by the lure of the street and the beach

6) best childhood memory?

I grew up on a small farm so I remember summers- We had a pond on the property and I remember skinny dipping as a kid. I have since joined the naked tribe!

I love lightning bugs and home grown vegetable… I am a hippie at heart.

In the winter we would ice skate on the same pond. It was a good time… It is now all McMansions and is the root of my song called the View From The Treehouse Has Changed from my “Big Lesson’s” project.

7) tell me about your most current project?

Right now my focus is to get “Fireworks In The Rain” out there. I am planning on doing out of town shows in 2009 and play more dates in NYC.

8) future plans?

If I am successful with Fireworks – I would love to record a new CD – tentatively entitled Metropolitian with songs about NYC living.
I am also planning some shows with my friend Mary Edwards – we are going to do some “He Said / She Said” shows.

9) any advice for other upcoming out artists?

Keep Writing….and the advice which I need to follow- WORK on your instrument…. Your musical instrument!

10) fave madonna song?

“Dress You Up” – I love the energy and at the time she released a great live video. It was sexy and I remember dancing to it in clubs in the 80’s

Til Next Time My loves!!
Jeremy Gloff