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(released July 1997)

Where To Go Shalala (lyrics)
Cloudboy (lyrics)
The Joy In This (lyrics)
Too Much Love (lyrics)
Wonderland (lyrics)
Long Distance Running (lyrics)
Pretty Soft (lyrics)
Waves (lyrics)
I Wanna Sellout (lyrics)
Song About Stupid People (lyrics)
Sleeping Beauty Dreams (lyrics)
Transmissions (Song Of Capricorn) (lyrics)
Run (lyrics)
Home (interlude)
These Wastelands (lyrics)
Bad Season (lyrics)
My Happy Birthday (lyrics)
Distance Thru Life (lyrics)
G.R.A.V.I.T.Y. (lyrics)

January ’97 found me in bad shape. I was in Atlanta without transportation. I didn’t enjoy my job at WalMart. I struggled with establishing friendships. I was briefly interested in a boy but the relationship soured quickly. This further compromised my stability. A late night mental meltdown led me to the decision that it was best I return to New York. Thankfully a friend of mine had driven down to vacation and she let me ride back North with her.

Upon returning to Fredonia I reconciled with my family and stayed with them a bit. Then I stayed in Buffalo. Then Pittsburgh. Then Atlanta again. Then Pittsburgh. Eventually I settled in Fredonia, once again sleeping on the floor of a close friend.

During all this moving about I’d written the travelogue that became JEREMY’S WONDERLAND. I was feeling idealistic and whimsical. This was the spring of Hale-bop and I had the privilege of viewing that comet with a lot of different skylines in the background. I etched the words “live your life as free as possible” on sidewalks and benches and bus terminals and everywhere. We hosted some amazingly intense house shows.

After the thick and synthesized textures of MIDNIGHT BLOOMING and SONGS ABOUT STUPID PEOPLE I went for an earthier open-air sound on WONDERLAND. While SONGS ABOUT STUPID PEOPLE was recorded in isolation, these new songs were recorded with friends in the room and doors open. I can still hear the wheels of the 1997 highway and remember the way those summer stars bathed my face.

These songs were written, produced, arranged, and performed by Jeremy Gloff (unless noted)
Recorded and mixed by Jeremy at Food Boobs Studio – Fredonia NY (thanks Joshua)
All songs copyright 1997 Riotboy Music ASCAP
Photos: Jiouxlie Knapp
Riotboy Logo: Aaron Kreydt
Personal Healer: Pamela Rinehuls
Backup voices: Angels and friends
Constant financial and emotional support: A.D.S.
Jeremy’s Wonderland is dedicated to Greg Greg and Jiouxlie Knapp
All songs written by Jeremy Gloff except:
“I Wanna Sellout” – music written and performed by Greg Greg
“Run” – lyrics by Jeremy Gloff/Anne Fearman
“Distance Thru Life” – music and lyrics by Another Dead Sharon (revised by Jeremy Gloff)
“Where To Go Shalala” – Ellen Wheels by Jiouxlie Knapp (w/Wysocki)
Female vocals by Molly Rinehoudt
“The Joy In This” – whistles by Greg Greg (courtesy of Jocelyn Lash)
Harmony Vocals: Jim Briggs iii
“Wonderland” – co-lead vocals by Valuptuous Chant: Greg Greg, Aaron, Valuptuous, Jeremy
“Long Distance Running” – sopranino recorder by Mellissa Mioni
“Waves” – sax by Ted Isham
“I Wanna Sellout” – German by Amber Coppings
“Song About Stupid People” – Girls: Kortnee, Jocelyn, Kayla / Boys: Big Al, Mike Mitchell, Jeremy Coon
“Sleeping Beauty Dreams” – female vocals by Valuptuous
“Transmissions” – Marta sample courtesy of Greg Greg
“Run” – female vocals by Molly Rinehoudt recorded in May at Josh’s parent’s house
“Bad Season” – female vocals by Sakura and percussion by Korndog
“Distance Thru Life” – recorded at Josh’s parent’s house in May
Samples courtesy of Greg Greg – Seagulls by Jill Hayes (the real thing)
CD Remastered by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio