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Brenda Bennett Rises Once Again: A Track By Track Review Of Her New Album (2018)
My thoughts on the new Brenda Bennett album ‘Once Again’.

Tori Amos: My Experience Album By Album (2017)
My thoughts on every Tori Amos album and how they impacted my life.


The Brenda Bennett and Rhode Island Story (2016)
A little piece about my recent trip.


After They Turned 50 My Faves Made Some Killer Music (2015)
A look at recent albums by Tori Amos, Natalie Merchant, and Blondie.


A Tribute To Will Fridlin: One Of The Greatest Friends Of My Life (2015)
RIP Will.  October 13th 1979-March 30th 2015

brits 3

Madonna’s Fall At The Brits Had A Huge Impact On Me (2015)
When Madonna was yanked down a flight of stairs it made me think a lot about my own life.


The stories behind the songs on my greatest hits album.


REBEL HEART Is One Of The Most Important Things To Happen To Me This Year

Jeremy Gloff’s Florida Manifesto (2014)
As the election for governor failed by a small percentage in our state I couldn’t help but react to all the negativity I was reading about Florida.


Tori Amos Made Me Cry: My Review Of The 8/22/14 Show (2014)
Some thoughts on one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.


Florida Is The Love Of My Life (2013)
Little did I know when I picked up a flyer for an open mic it would change my life forever.

New York State Thruway - Exit 59 Fredonia

What Would It Have Been Like Had I Been Loved There? (2013)
A visit back to my hometown makes me mournfully wonder “what if”?

Remembering My Life With Donna Summer (2012)
In memory of Donna Summer 1948-2012

Five Reasons Why The Internet Sucks (2012)
Originally published on

How I Miss Falling In Love And The 1990s (2012)
More memories.

Rediscovering Brenda Bennett (2012)
After disappearing for nearly thirty years one of my childhood icons resurfaces with a new solo album.

Me, Courtney Love, And The Four Seasons (2011)
No matter what the season of my life is the music of Courtney Love always plays a part.

An Overview Of Stevie Nicks’ Seven Albums (2011)
Although this also ran as part of my “Cynical And Southern” column it stands on its own as a
substantial essay.

Top Eight Favorite Late 1990s Ybor Jams (2010)
Memories and reflections regarding the songs being played in Ybor City when I first
moved to Tampa in 1998.

Two Homeless Women And A Gay Man (2010)
A drive around Florida retracing the steps of serial killer Aileen Wuornos with Marianne Faithfull on the radio.


Flee From WMNF Was Fired – More Bad News For Tampa’s Mediocre Music Scene (2010)
A rant about the music scene in Tampa and its shortcomings.

I Am Not Going To Kill Myself, But Can We Talk? (2009)
Opinion piece written in response to the economic crisis and the suicides of five friends. Originally appeared on

The Beekeeper And My Mid 30s (2009)
A exploration of the impact Tori Amos’ “Beekeeper” album had on my life.

Lady Gaga Vs. Joni Mitchell (2009)
Originally appeared on

Six Men (2009)
Short essay weighing sensuality vs. sexuality. Originally appeared on

Sorry, I Don’t Think Johnny McGovern Is Funny (2009)
Originally appeared on

How I Almost Became A Sugar Daddy At Age 34 (2009)
Originally appeared on

Madonna: Hard Candy Outtake Photos Hard To Take (2009)
Reaction piece written about the unofficially released outtake pictures from Madonna’s HARD CANDY photo sessions. Originally appeared on


The Year In Music 2008 (2008)
Overview of some of the best and worst releases of 2008.

WHOOPSIE I FUCKED UP! – and it’s okay (2008)
An essay detailing a self-proclaimed dysfunctional gay relationship, correspondence and unrequited love. Originally appeared on

No Fats Or Femmes: A Gay Culture At War With Itself (2008)
Commentary on the harsh language often found on online gay chat sites. Originally appeared on

The Madonna Chronicles (2008)
Biographical essay detailing the parallells between Madonna’s career and my life.

The Best Children’s Book Series Of All Time (2007)
I Collect children’s books. Here’s a written overview of my most prized collections.

Shopping At Hills: Magical Childhood Memories (2007)
Short piece I wrote about my favorite department store from when I was a child.

NY Summer Tour Stories (2007)
In August 2006 I did a small tour to promote my “Now’s The Right Time To Feel Good” album.
During the course of my trip were visits to people and places of my past, re-evaluations of my family relationships, and a prison visit to Michael Alig. It began in Buffalo and ended in New York City.

Jill Jones: An Essay About One Of My Favorite Artists (2007)
You may remember Jill Jones as the hot blonde from Prince’s “1999” video and from “Purple Rain”. Upon investigation you’ll find Jill to be an artist who’s explored the greatest extremes of both darkness and light. This essay explores my personal connection to the work of Jill Jones.

Joni Mitchell: A Career Retrospective (2007)
In anticipation of Joni Mitchell’s 2007 “Shine” album I wrote a retrospective of her recorded work 1968-2007.

Sunlight And Shadows: A Walk Through The Worlds Of Josie Cotton (2007)
This is a piece I wrote examining the parallels between Josie Cotton’s 1981 release “Convertible Music” and her 2006 album “Movie Disaster Music”.

Two Windows In Atlanta (2007)
While playing a show in Atlanta in 2007 I wrote this. Sometimes you have to go backwards to be able to move forward…

Where Has Pop Culture Taken Us? (2002)
This essay was featured on the Bay Domain webzine in 2002 – at the height of the Michael
Jackson controversies.

Various Poems/Pieces From The Late 1990s
Collection of poems and short essays that were published in various magazine and websites.