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valentine   valentinereissue

(released on February 14th, 2002 – re-issue released on February 14th, 2012)

Life In Purple (lyrics)
I Wanna Touch You (lyrics)
And Then I Was Naked (lyrics)
17 Year Old Sex Machine (lyrics)
Dancing Thru The Middle (lyrics)
One More Night (lyrics)
Free At Last (lyrics)
Dreaming Of You (lyrics)
Something’s Gonna Happen (lyrics)
Tonight (I Feel The Ecstasy) (lyrics)
Biscuits Interlude
Da Biscuits (lyrics)
Don’t Blame The Crane (lyrics)
Da Biscuits (Soma 2012 Remix)* (lyrics)

(*bonus track only available on the “2012 Anniversary Edition”)

One evening Susy Martian and myself met for cheap Italian and Susy proposed the we do something controversial. I thought back to a six song demo of odds and ends I’d collected throughout the years. We ended up using all six of songs on this album along with some of Susy’s tracks, and some collaborations. We assumed the aliases J-Glo and Sassy and raised hell for a few months. We got kicked off stage at the Sarasota Film Festival. We did a karaoke tour. We had our CD release party at an upscale Japanese bistro. We sent out press releases detailing our arrests and other misadventures. We made a ridiculous appearance on public access television. “Da Biscuits” became *the* underground party hit of 2002. But time always moves forward. Susy ended up getting pregnant, and I began work on my ROMANTICO project. J-Glo and Sassy will always hold a special place in my heart.

Now ten years after the album’s initial release we are finally offering it to the digital world. We’ve included one bonus track, a “Biscuits” remix by DJ Soma that was forgotten and rediscovered. J-Glo and Sassy hope your Valentine’s Day is as sexy in 2012 as it was in 2002.

J-Glo and Sassy did it all but…
“Free At Last” and “Tonight” were produced by DJ Soma with add’l production by J-Glo and Sassy
Music on “Free At Last” and “Tonight” performed by DJ Soma
Pascal – French voice and lyrics on “Life In Purple”
“Da Biscuits” was produced by J-Glo and Sassy with DJ Soma
This album was recorded in The Dining Room and mixed and mastered by Dan Smith at Bay Sound Recording
“Don’t Blame The Crane”: music by Spies In The Wires
Duet vocals by Wendi Hughes of Mindstatic
Recorded by Wendi at Mind Static Productions, mixed by Wendi and Vinnie Saletto
Artwork: Helen Marsian
All songs copyright 2002 Riotboy Music
Except “Tonight (I Feel The Ecstasy)” and “Free At Last” copyright M. Powless
“Don’t Blame The Crane” copyright 2001 GEMA Germany